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Wednesday, 22 November 2017 | Term 4 | Week 6 | Day 8 | Views 7985

The 2017 Board of Trustees


Dean Iversen - is our Board Chair.  Dean has had 25 years of working in the Education industry, which has led him into being the co-owner of Iversen Educational Publishing.  They work with schools offering products and professional development to improve literacy levels, and also specialise with those students that are struggling.

Tracey Martin - Has been a member of the Mahurangi College Board since 2007.  She was first elected Chair in 2009 and continues on in this role. Tracey and her husband have three children, two of which have already completed their schooling at Mahurangi College and their youngest is currently attending Year 11.   In her day job, Tracey is a Member of Parliament and she sits on the Education and Science Select Committee and holds the spokesperson roles of Education, Women, Broadcasting, Communications and IT.

Steven Garner is our Deputy Chair and has been a member of the Board since 2007.  He is a long term resident of Warkworth and is an ‘old boy’ of Mahurangi College.  He has three children, two have already completed their schooling and the youngest is in their final year.  Steve has been involved in many projects over the years at Mahurangi College where he has been able to contribute to make a significant difference. His focus has been on raising the standard of achievement of our boys.

Nyree Norrington is our Staff Representative and this is her second term on the Board.  Nyree has been teaching at Mahurangi College for the past nine years and is our Head of Faculty for Arts. This has provided her with valuable insight into the life of our students and staff, which she has been able to share with our Board. Nyree’s aim is to continue the tradition of making Mahurangi College a place where students feel encouraged and inspired to pursue their passions and develop their skills. 

Dr Ihirangi Heke is also a new member to the Board.  Dr Heke is currently a Health and Physical Education consultant involved in a number of National and International projects aiming at improving health through increasing physical activity to address youth obesity.  He is a trained Educational Psychologist and an elite athlete high performance consultant having been a provider to the New Zealand Academy of Sport.

Jason Neely is another new member to the Board.  Jason and his partner returned to New Zealand from abroad six years ago.  They have one child attending Mahurangi College and two at Matakana School.  Jason has over 20 years experience in transforming and running large organisations. Jason is an innovative entrepreneurial, who works hard. He wants to see our community build on our strong foundations to make our school truly exceptional.

Jedd Blennerhassett is our Student Representative on the Board. Jedd is currently in Year 12 and has been attending Mahurangi College since 2012 when he enrolled as a Year 7 student. 
Each year, students in Year 9 to Year 13 elect a new Student Representative. Jedd is involved with the 1st XI Football Academic Academy, Hauraki Exchange (captain), he received Academic Blues for Level 1 and Level 2. Jedd is particularly interested in integrating technology into the curriculum. He will actively involve himself in the school so he can include the views of all years and demographics. Contact him at jb52@mahurangi.school.nz 

Our Board meetings are generally held twice a term, Mondays at 6pm in our old staff room. Find meeting dates on our school calendar and all are welcome to attend.  To confirm the date and time and book to attend please contact our school office.  If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions regarding the governance of our school please feel free to contact our Board Chair.