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Guidelines for Parents

The acknowledgement of expectations is essential to the success of the relationship between the College,the students and their parents.

Parents can expect that the College will provide:

  • Qualified, committed and enthusiastic teachers
  • Well maintained facilities and equipment
  • High standards of work and behaviour
  • Regular communication on student progress and matters of interest
  • Opportunities for parents to be heard and involved


The school expects that parents will:

•Take an interest in the academic progress of their children

•Provide adequate study facilities and encouragement for them

•Ensure high standards are set and maintained in all areas of student involvement within the school.

Students may expect that:

•A quality learning environment

•Teachers will be well prepared - give help when it is called for

•Teachers will show an interest in them

•The school will ensure clear guidelines for work and behaviour

The school expects that students will:

•Attend regularly and be actively involved in their learning

•Make full use of their talents and abilities


Communication with Parents and Community

Parents and all members of the school community are welcome to participate in the life of the College. Community representation on the Board of Trustees and the Parent Teacher Association is vital to the successful functioning of the school. The range of sporting and cultural activities would not be possible without the time and expertise of voluntary helpers.

The College makes every effort to encourage communication between home and school. Fortnightly newsletters, that provide ongoing information, are taken home by students. A twice yearly newspaper, "The College Voice", is published as an informational supplement in the Rodney Times.

Throughout the year there are a number of opportunities for parents to meet with teachers. These include a barbecue at the start of the year where new parents can meet with staff and parent interview evenings that are held twice each year. The purpose of all meetings is to ensure that parents, teachers and students have full and clear information on matters of mutual interest.

The Principal and staff are always pleased to discuss with parents any matters affecting the welfare of students. Interviews may be arranged by telephoning the College office. Such interviews almost always result in a better understanding of the pupil's problems, and usually resolve the misunderstandings that occur from time to time.

Pastoral Care

Guidance, discipline and pastoral care are important aspects of school life. Mahurangi College has a supportive, personal environment and this is reinforced by the whanau and house systems within the school.

The school as adopted an Assertive Discipline model. Assertive Discipline is seen to provide fair and effective means by which acceptable behaviour can be acknowledged and inappropriate, unacceptable behaviour modified. The balance between 'systematic' consequences and positive reinforcement is the key to successful classroom management.

The school is divided into six houses with approximately 200 students in each. Each house - Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple and Orange - contains eight vertical forms or whanau (family groups). Each whanau has students from every year level Year 7 - 13. The 26 or 28 whanau members make up a family group, which cares for and shares with each other. The whanau teacher is one of the most important people in the student's life at school. The student will remain in the same whanau and under that teacher's guidance while at the College.

The whanau gives senior students opportunities to acquire leadership skills as well as providing a source of guidance and support. Whanau groups meet regularly in the mornings and every day after lunch for 20 minutes of sustained silent reading.

Houses meet once a fortnight for assemblies that often have student speakers as well as the recognition of individual and group achievements. The House Leader co-ordinates cultural and sporting activities for the house members and is also responsible for student discipline and welfare.

The College has two qualified counsellors, and also careers and transition staff who deal with specific student concerns. The counsellor's role is to focus on work in the classroom by overcoming any personal difficulties students may face. Careers and transition staff advise on employment and tertiary education, providing students with up-to-date information.

The College has in place a system of Peer Mediation and support which enables students to refer their concerns to other students trained in mediation. This system helps students resolve their own difficulties and is an integral part of the College's 'safe school' policy.