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Thursday, 18 January 2018 | Term 1 | Week 0 | Holiday | Views 3374

Tracey Martin

I am the current Chair and member of the Board of Trustees.  I came to this Board with experience and extensive training in school governance as a two term member of the Board at Warkworth Primary School.  If successful this will be my third term on The Mahurangi College Board of Trustees.

I have an unshakable belief in the New Zealand public education system and understand that the New Zealand Curriculum gives Boards and amazing flexibility to tailor education delivery to best suit the student.  Unfortunately many Boards have not taken training and are therefore unaware of their abilities in this area.

Mahurangi College students currently perform or outperform many of their decile eight counterparts.  The Minister of Education has recognized Mahurangi College student achievement on three occasions in the past two years, including the high achievement of our Maori and Pacifica students.

Mahurangi College and the Warkworth area in general, are on the cusp of a potential leap forward in the provision of flexible learning environments for our students.  Plans for trial programmes inside the school to address the boy/ girl gap in achievement are well developed.  Working with external organizations the Board and the College are investing time and energy into improving the provision of trade training and employment skills.  And in partnership with the Rodney Local Board there is funding to reintroduce Night Classes, fingers crossed, in the 2014 year.

As a school we are doing well – but we can do better and this should be the focus of any Board of Trustees, working in collaboration with the Senior Management and staff.  Like many of you I lead a busy life.  But I believe the positions I hold, such as Member of Parliament sitting on the Education and Science Select Committee, are of benefit to not only Mahurangi College but our community in general.  I would welcome the opportunity to participate in Mahurangi College’s positive future.  With one child in Year 11 and another in Year 8 I look forward to a long association with the school in a variety of roles.