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JUNE 5-7 2020

Right now, Malawi is facing a twin crisis: As they struggle with the impacts of climate change, they too are facing the added pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. They need your support now more than ever.


As a community we often show kindness for local and national needs. In these current times many families have made plans to give to others in need in our local communities, this could happen through a charity or just acts of kindness. As a school at this time of the year we extend our thinking beyond local and national needs and start to think globally. The 40 hour famine is a way we can support and show kindness on a global scale, we know that it actually makes a difference to people’s lives on the other side of the world.


In past years students have shown dedicated support to the different causes raising thousands of dollars.

One year $12,000 was raised. This is now a goal we are always seeking.


We need everyone involved to help us get there.


STEP ONE - Sign up to take part in the famine (see below). Let your whānau teacher know if you are going to sign up online or need a booklet.

STEP TWO - Make a plan with your friends - what are you going to do?  Give up technology for 40 hours? Try out the 40 acts of kindness in 40 hours? Give up food for 40 hours?  There are so many ways and different ideas that you can participate.

STEP THREE - Gain sponsors - this could be difficult with Covid and less contact but get creative and get online. You could try to make a video explaining what you are doing and what sponsorship you need - send it out to family and friends.

Get involved in the World Vision Mufti Day Friday 29 May! Wear orange to show support and bring a gold coin donation.

Steps to sign up for the 40 Hour Famine Online:

Step 1. Head to 

Step 2. Click sign up now 

Step 3. Enter your email 

Step 4. You may be asked to create an account if you don’t have one already. If not, sign in using your password

Step 5. Find your team, search up your Mahurangi College to connect to our page!  

Step 6. Select 40 Hour Famine as your cause  

Step 7. Personalise your page to include all the info you want about how you’re fighting hunger and injustice!! 

Step 8. Let your whānau teacher know you have signed up online

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