At Mahurangi College we recognise that students need various services to support their learning. We believe in giving every opportunity for our students to reach the stars. Sometimes this is just a quiet place to study and think, sometimes it is support when learning is becoming challenging or extension when the next step is needed. One of the strongest academic services we offer is providing deans at each year level that can have learning conversations with the students to ensure their needs are being meet.



The careers department supports senior students when planning their pathways after secondary school. Whether students are interested in heading to university, technical courses, local apprenticeships or jumping straight into work the careers department gives expert advice to individual students. Students gain advice to help them build confidence when going through application processes and learning about key areas to focus on.


The Careers and Learning Faculty offers a Gateway course at Level 3. The course has a base set of standards plus a choice of standards offered by the student's career choice provider to provide specific training his/her future career. This involves Occupational Health and Safety units and a First Aid Certificate. Students spend one day a week in the career of their choice. Dependant on the student's career choice the unit standards offered will be either at Level 2 or Level 3. Selection into this program is by interview with HOF, student and parent.

The department has links with university and tertiary organisations all over New Zealand.



The STEPS - Student Educational Pathways


The Student Educational Pathways Department is responsible for learning support at Mahurangi College. We support students with a variety of learning differences. We also support those students who may be below the standard in their literacy and numeracy skills. At every year level, we identify and support students who need Special Assessment Conditions such as Reader/Writers for their exams.


We offer booster literacy and numeracy programmes for those students who may struggle in these areas.

Our teacher aides can also be found in many classes supporting students with their classwork. The STEPS - Student Educational Pathways department is located in a classroom near the library and we encourage students to ‘drop in’ for support with assignments and study for assessments.​


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


The school offers the teaching of ESOL at all levels. An initial testing programme is carried out and students’ timetables are a combination of mainstream and ESOL classes are organised according to their English ability.

Student Learning Centre


Central to the learning support facilities in the college are two purpose-built rooms that cater for students with physical, intellectual and sensory difficulties. These students are provided with individual programmes and the support of specialist teachers and teacher aides.



Our large library caters for up to three classes of students at the same time. This space offers fexibility to students as a quiet place to study, a breakout room for group projects, a place to dive into a good book, or somewhere to quietly relax at morning tea and lunchtimes.


Students can log into a well-organised system that will help them with their research and reading for enjoyment.




These are a variety of different extension classes, clubs and programmes that provide extension for students in year 7 to 10.


Some classes are run during the school day and students get a chance to extend their thinking and abilities in a range of different disciplines such as technology, mathematics, science and creative thinking.

Some classes are extracurricular clubs that offer students opportunities to explore their ideas and thinking in a variety of ways.



We are proud of our school and the wonderful facilities students get to enjoy everyday.



We have three fully-equipped computer suites and strong school-wide networks that support our BYOD programme. We also have a fully commercial kitchen, where students are able to experience the hospitality world, and a media suite with a specialised greenroom.




Two large gymnasiums provide facilities for a range of sporting activities, including basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer and a full-size indoor netball court. The school also has well-kept outdoor rugby and soccer fields, a large indoor pool and astroturf courts for netball and tennis.




The school auditorium is an excellent facility, well equipped for a range of performing arts activities within the school and home to our annual theatre production.




A fully fitted dance studio alongside well-equipped music rooms and practice suites sits alongside the auditorium.




Our large library caters for up to three classes of students at the same time. This space o ers exibility to students as a quiet place to study, a breakout room for group projects, a place to dive into a good book, or somewhere to quietly relax at morning tea and lunchtimes.





We have a dedicated student learning centre providing specialist equipment and support for students with disabilities.




Two dedicated spaces offer places where students can receive extra support and academic advice about their learning and programmes.




Te Whakawhitiwhiti is the name of our wharenui. It means ‘Bring people together.’ It’s an excellent facility that provides learning opportunities for students in a Maori- based environment. The wharenui can also cater for groups who wish to have a ‘Noho Marae’ (Sleep-over).



Together with the excellent facilities the school has a range of outdoor seating and chill out spaces surrounded by well-kept gardens. The quad provides a sunny place to sit and relax. Various other spots around the school offer sun and shade for the students

to make the most of during their break times.