The AIMS Games is an annual sporting championship held in Tauranga. It gives Year 7 and 8 students an opportunity to compete as an individual or in a team against the best of their age in over twenty different sports. Established in 2004 it has grown from 760 competitors representing 17 schools and four sporting codes to 11,500+ competitors representing 365+ schools from throughout New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. The aim of the event is to provide opportunities for students to compete at an elite level, be active, celebrate fair play and enjoy success. Each of the sports offered are hosted in superb facilities in Tauranga where the best for their age will have the opportunity to perform to a high standard.

If parents/caregivers would like to assist with transport or coaching they will need to be Police Vetted through a school and show proof of double vaccination. For more information and/or to download forms see PARENT HELP.

Team Sports

Teams are selected via a trial, selection process. Each team will have its own specific selection policy. All students selected as part of a team will be staying together in a group accommodation as organised by the Sport Department.

Individual Sports

There are many individual sports that you can participate in. Due to the limited accommodation spaces, students wishing to be part of an individual sport are asked to source their own accommodation. Individual sports selection needs to be approved by the Director of Sport. 


NOTE: Due to the timings at AIMS students are only allowed to be involved in one team sport. A student may participate in an individual sport combined with a team sport, but only if approved by the Director of Sport in conjunction with the Coach.



"It’s vital that children at this age don’t specialise too early - they need to try as many sports and pastimes as possible and develop all-round skills and enjoyment. That’s a massive driver for us at AIMS is to give our competitors as many options as possible and also expose them to other sports they may not have experienced before.  We continue to introduce new sporting options, keeping pace with the changing participation preferences of young people. In 2019 we introduced mountain biking, 3 x 3 mixed basketball, canoe sprint to run alongside canoe slalom,  mixed quick rip rugby sevens, a 9-hole golf tournament, BICs yachting, and AeroDance. Our goal is to provide an incredible experience for every single athlete, with an emphasis on camaraderie, enjoyment and being part of something big." - Vicki Semple AIMS Games