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Our innovative Building Academy offers outstanding trade pathways for our Level 2 and 3 students, housed on site in a purpose-built workshop. 


Positions in the Academy are highly sought after. Students completing the course are work-ready, and are snapped-up by local employers to begin their apprenticeships. Under the direction of Mr Grant Robinson, students construct real-world projects including trailers, cabins, and fully completed tiny homes.


Tool and site safety is the first part of the Level 2 programme, where students familiarise themselves with the environment and equipment including power tools. Throughout the programme, students build saw stools, benches, picnic tables and small cabins - including cabins for Hōteo Wero. All items are available for the public to purchase.


Students complete a compulsory Health and Safety course at the beginning of the year which gives them credits towards NCEA Level 2, moving on to complete five BCITO unit standards, giving them the necessary theory to complement the practical aspect of the course. Achieving all five BCITO units also reduces the apprenticeship completion timeframe. We would expect students who have completed this programme to be transitioning into the workplace, preferably into an apprenticeship.



Our Level 3 Programme offers further Health and Safety credits and advanced level BCITO unit standards, mostly theory based. Students also gain work ready skills as part of the programme. In the workshop, students build a tiny house enabling them to demonstrate their practical skills, drawing on learnt theory. The house is auctioned at the end of November, with all funds raised going directly back into our school.


Similar to the Level 2 programme, achieving all five BCITO units further reduces the apprenticeship completion timeframe. We expect students to be transitioning onto an apprenticeship or into the workplace throughout the year, when opportunities arise.

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