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Career Pathways

No idea of where you want to head? No problem! Pop into our Careers Room anytime.


Thinking of leaving at the end of Year 11 or 12? Have a chat with your Head of Year first. If you are thinking of an apprenticeship, you stand a much better chance if you have achieved Level 2 NCEA and have your required numeracy and literacy credits.

Thinking of university? University Entrance (UE) is the minimum standard for entrance to a NZ university. However,  universities and other tertiary providers also offer preparation courses for students without University Entrance or an equivalent qualification. Check carefully with each university. Some students who wish to go to university from Year 12 are also eligible to gain Discretionary Entrance based on outstanding Year 12 results.


Investigating what's available to you is worth every minute you spend on it, and a little planning will help you make the most of opportunities.  All universities and tertiary institutions have open days for Year 11-13 students, and attending these is a great way to get a feel for a particular institution.

It is important that you work out how you are going to fund your study and living costs. Loans help you to pay your course fees from your second year on, study materials (eg books, computer) and living costs. You may also be eligible for a student allowance. This is a weekly payment that can help with living expenses while you are studying.

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