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Sport @ MAHU during COVID-19



26 AUGUST 2020



With sport competitions not resuming for at least another two weeks, and no AIMS Games, U15 Games or Winter Tournament Weeks this year, we are bringing the sport to you!

An Intra School Student lead competition that is FUN. Each team will play 4 different codes and lots of different teams during 1-2 lunchtimes a week until the end of Term 3.

What do you need to do?

1) Pick your team and decide on a team name - Teams need to be made up of 5 - 6 players and can be made up of different Year levels IE: Yr7-8 can make a team together and Yr9-13 can make a team together. Come up with a team playing strip/colour/theme if you wish!

2) Make sure your team arrives on time for the games : )

3) Most important of all - Have FUN!!!!


Get talking amongst your friends and fill in the google registration link with team details before Tuesday to guarantee your spot in the games!


25 AUGUST 2020


Hi Everyone


I hope this update finds you all well and safe in your home environments of Lockdown 2.0. With school set to resume next week I wanted to update you on what Sport @ Mahu will look like under the current Level 2 restrictions. It is important to remember that under Alert Level 2 our main priority is to reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID-19 and to be able to rapidly track and isolate any cases that may arise.


As with previous, our Level 2 Health and Safety guidelines that was provided to you by our Sports Department will need to be reinstated.  Contact tracing and health and safety measures including personal hand and equipment hygiene for our players and coaches will need to be adhered to at ALL times once training and games for your team recommence. Please contact the sports department for additional contact tracing pages if required.


As a TIC, coach or manager of a Mahu sports team, it is important that you are aware of the following points:


* That the winter sport season will NOT be extended into the summer season.


* The fixtures which have not been played due the recent COVID-19 outbreak will not be rescheduled. These games will be considered abandoned.


* That RSO’s are hoping to resume the winter season from Monday 7th September and, at best, play 3 rounds of competition games before the end of term 3 - Friday 25 September. Please note that this is entirely dependant to government advice and gathering size restrictions and is subject to change at any time .


Our Senior management team has agreed that if coaches are comfortable to do so, all teams are able to resume to full contact training from Monday 31 August on the school site only. Community training facilities must adhere to the gathering restriction numbers which differs to school “bubbles” where the students are deemed to be part of the same bubble when on site and community coaches and mangers are additional numbers to this.  Please note the following guidelines prior to recommencing trainings with your teams:


* All community coaches coming in to school to train teams during the school day MUST sign in at the front reception. After school trainings requires all coaches (or contact tracing appointed person) to complete the teams contact training register as provided.


* Parents are asked to not be spectators at trainings until further advised and coaches and managers are asked to please monitor this. 


* Coaches are expected to exclude any players from their training who display any common cold symptoms until they are deemed well again. Please notify the Sports Department if you have excluded any players for illness.


* Face masks at school or trainings are not required, however if coaches, managers and players wish to wear a face mask, then they can do so. 


Based on the above information, we ask that all coaches and managers communicate with both the players and parents of your teams to determine their willingness to return to play under level 2. This will give you a clear indication of the availability of your players within your teams going forward into the remainder of the winter season. Please contact the TIC of your code by Friday 28 August if you feel the viability of your team will be compromised due to player availability. 


Attached for your information is the most up to date guidelines from Sport NZ regarding the resumption of sport at Alert Level 2; of which Mahurangi College has based our return to sport process from. Please have a read through and if you have any questions then do not hesitate to be in touch via email;  Please note that in Auckland our group gathering sizes are currently restricted 10 people and no sport competitions will resume until these restrictions have been eased.


We will continue to advise you of any changes, as and when the government makes further updates prior to Sunday 6 September. Please also keep up to date with your Regional Sporting Organisations regarding return to competition guidelines that are specific to your code and their facilities. 


Many thanks for your continued support in enabling sport to resume, in a training capacity initially, and your patience in ensuring the safe return to winter sport competitions for everyone in our community. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact the Spots Department for clarification.


Yours in Sport,


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