For the most up-to-date information please regularly check your inboxes. Don’t hesitate to reach out if further support is needed.


Good afternoon parents

Below is a summary of key information for the return of senior (Y11-13) students to school tomorrow.

Additionally, we are going to run a ‘Zoom’ session for parents where we can answer any academic questions you may have. We realise there’s an overload of information at the moment, so hopefully this session will allow us to answer all your questions about NCEA, Unexpected Event Grades, university requirements and the like.

The session will take place at 7pm tomorrow (Wednesday) evening - presenting the session will be myself, DP Catherine Wynne, and Y12&13 academic deans Cath Johnston & Jo Jessop.

Topic: Mahurangi College Academic Q&A
Time: Oct 27, 2021 07:00 PM Auckland

Zoom meeting details have been emailed  to all parents of senior students.

Key Information for Parents

  • School for seniors will run from 8.45am until 1pm each day.

  • Attendance in person at school is optional - we are delivering a ‘hybrid’ model (essentially, teachers will present their lessons in class and online at the same time). Students who wish to remain studying at home for any reason can do so.

  • Students who live north of the border are now able to cross the border daily to attend school. (See details at bottom of email)

  • Workshops and tutorials will run most afternoons (students will receive details about these from their subject teachers).

  • Students attending in person must wear a mask at all times, including on buses. (No bandanas or similar - students must have a proper mask). Students are also encouraged to bring headphones to class, to assist the hybrid delivery model.

  • Students attending in person must attend all 5 of their classes.

  • The canteen will be open with a limited range of food - eftpos or tap and go only (no cash sales).

  • Normal school uniform requirements remain for those attending in person. 

  • Y7-10 students continue learning online at home. Y9 online homerooms will begin tomorrow.

  • Parents, please refrain from coming onto site here at school if at all possible. If you do require support, please report to reception (or email your queries and we can respond).

For those students planning on returning to school on Wednesday it is important to keep in mind that you are returning to school to have a settled and focused preparation time for your externals. It is not the time to simply return to school to socialise. Some additional changes have had to be put in place:

The Y13 Common / Study room will remain locked and will be out of bounds. It is such a small, confined space that we are unable to ensure adequate distancing and therefore your safety.

During your allocated study periods (Y13), you will be expected to go to the library and Mrs Johnston will come to the library to complete the attendance.

Unfortunately students will be unable to go to the art room for example during your study period as a teacher must be present and this cannot always be guaranteed. 

The teachers of the practical subjects will be arranging specific catch-ups time slots that you will be able to utilise.

The sign-in and out books in A4 will not be in use. Should you arrive late, please go straight to class. If you are unwell please go and see Donnah, the nurse. 

E rewa tahi atu ai 

Tony Giles





Kia ora koutou,


I hope you are doing well at this time. We’re certainly living in strange times! Hopefully we don’t get thrown too many new curve balls. There is a lot of information in this email - we’ve tried to cover everything - but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification.


As you will be aware, Minister Hipkins has confirmed that students in Years 11 to 13 are able to return to school onsite next week. This is very good news as we know how important face-to-face support and engagement will be for our senior students, so that they can complete their studies and continue to the next level. 


Public Health has also advised that they consider that with the other public health measures that are being put in place, including the requirement to wear face coverings for Years 9-13, the risk of infection is low at school.


Here is the Mahurangi College teaching plan for weeks 2-6 Term 4...


  • Monday 25 October  Labour Day. No online classes

  • Tuesday 26 October Teacher Only Day for Y9-13 students (work may still be set)

  • Online classes as normal for Y7&8 students


At the Teacher Only Day staff will be planning in detail the delivery of a hybrid model (see below) of teaching. This is new for us, hence the need for us to plan thoroughly. We will also be preparing the school for the return of students. All staff are required to have had a recent negative Covid test before they can return to school.


Wednesday 27 October Senior Y11-13 students are able to physically return to school. We really look forward to seeing them! We realise some students may choose not to return, or be unable to cross the border, hence our teachers will be delivering what is known as a hybrid model, where students can either attend physically in class, or login from home.


Our timetable will be slightly adjusted: classes will begin at 8.45am, with 5 x 45 min classes (normal timetable, but slightly reduced time). Assemblies and whānau cannot run. There will be one break of 30 mins (the canteen will be open, with a reduced range of food and snacks), and classes will conclude at 1pm. Students are then free to go home. Most afternoons there will be optional workshops, tutorials and scholarship classes and the like, including scope for students to complete portfolios for tech and art etc.


  • Period 1 8.45am - 9.30am

  • Period 2 9.30am - 10.15am

  • Period 3 10.15am - 11.00am

  • BREAK 11.00am - 11.30am

  • Period 4 11.30am - 12.15pm

  • Period 5 12.15pm - 1pm


We have done this to balance such things as mask-wearing tolerance for teenagers and supporting staff members with family commitments and young children, while ensuring students are really well supported for their learning and exams. 


Buses have been organised. A revised bus timetable is included at the end of this email.


Students attending school physically must wear masks at all times, including on buses. This is a government requirement. If students cannot adhere to this requirement we will need to send them home. If families don’t agree with this requirement, then those students can remain at home and continue learning online via our hybrid model. For those returning, normal school uniform requirements apply. Please ensure students returning are clean-shaven (there’s some hairy teenagers out there!), and neatly attired as normal. Students must attend ‘full time’ and remain on site for the duration of the day and attend all 5 of their classes. Students who don’t want to make this commitment should continue learning from home.


Classes will continue for senior students through until Friday 19 November, to maximise teaching time before NCEA exams begin on Monday 22 November.


We will run some modified practice exams for all senior students which will provide both experience sitting exams and produce further evidence for awarding a derived grade for each standard. These modified exams may take place in the hall, in a classroom or in a workshop. Students will be informed of the date, time and room as soon as possible.

Teachers will continue to collect evidence from students as has been occurring of late. This includes work done in classes AND results from any practice exams they sit. The collection of evidence will continue through to Friday the 19th of November.


The Ministry has said that in awarding external grades, students will receive the higher of their two grades (the derived grade and the actual NCEA exam grade). For example, if a student received an ‘Excellence’ grade for English 1.1 in the work their teacher has collected as evidence during this year, but then only got ‘Achieved’ in the NCEA exams, their final grade would be the Excellence. 


Prize-givings and recognition ceremonies will not run at school - these will become on-line events this year. We will send details later.


Year 10 students will continue learning from home.

Year 9 students will, for these four weeks, have an adjusted timetable. Details will be sent home in the next day or so.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need clarification or support, either via the individual teacher, or through our academic deans or Mrs Wynne. 


Nga mihi nui



Adjusted Bus Timetable


 Wednesday 27th October 2021.   School Times 8.45am to 1.00pm


Bus 1 Leigh and Bus 3 Whangateau – Combined. 


Bus 2 Wright Road/Green Road – As per Normal


Bus 4 Point Wells and Bus 5 Omaha - Combined


Bus 6 – Matakana Valley – As per Normal


Bus 7 – Takatu – As per Normal (Will also drop off the Wright Road/Green Road Students in the PM)


Bus 8 – Sandspit – As per Normal


Bus 9 Snells North, Bus 10 Snells Central and Bus 21 Snells Ari/Gov - Combined


Bus 11 Algies Bay and Bus 20 Snells South - Combined


Bus 12 Pukapuka – As per Normal


Bus 13 Puhoi – As per Normal


Bus 15 Ahuroa – As per Normal


Bus 17 Kaipara Hills – As per Normal


Bus 18 Dome Valley – As per Normal



Some students will be picked up approx. 5 – 10min later than normal (Advise that they get to their stop as per usual), so don’t be concerned if the bus is a bit late.




Good morning parents


I hope the students are enjoying the holidays and are able to get out and about within the limitations of the current Level 3. It’s good to see the sun shining, after some fairly average weather. We are proud of how our community has responded to this outbreak, but the mahi isn’t yet done. Please continue to follow all the alert level requirements including staying at home and getting tested for COVID-19 if you are feeling unwell.


On-line classes will recommence for all students Y7-13 on Monday 18 October (the first day of term 4). There will also be a Whānau meet at 2pm.  Students need to check their school emails.


Attendance at on-line classes is crucial for students, but particularly Y11-13 students, as teachers will be setting tasks to collect evidence for NCEA. There is a strong possibility that NCEA exams will be impacted for Auckland students this year, so the work that senior students do over the next three weeks is really critical. Please emphasise this with your children. Term 4 is going to be impacted in all sorts of ways; we will all need to be flexible and agile and do the best we can in the circumstances.


As per the end of last term, students under the age of 14 whose parents/caregivers are essential workers may attend school during lockdown level 3 for supervised study. (Typically 6-8 students attend). Students who do attend will be supervised by a staff member who will have provided a negative Covid-19 test. Mask wearing will be mandatory for the entire day. If you are intending to send your child to school, please email Keith Tennant to assist with our planning. All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which include all the recommendations from the public health experts. This means students will be kept in bubbles of no more than 10.


The government has also indicated that schools will be required to collect the vaccine status of students. I will contact you again when more information comes through.


I have raised a query with the Ministry regarding students who live north of the Wellsford border being able to receive border exemptions when on-site school resumes. I will keep you posted when I get a response.


Link reminders


Mahurangi College online learning LEARNING ONLINE | mahurangi-college 

There are links here to a variety of good on-line learning platforms.


Parent queries - contact our CV team HERE. A staff member will answer your query.


Don’t hesitate to reach out if further support is needed - our deans and counsellors are skilled professionals who are willing and able to support students and families.


Ngā mihi nui

Tony Giles 





Government announcement: All Auckland schools remain closed. Online learning will resume on Monday 18  October.



Kia ora


Thanks again for all your support this term - we really appreciate everything you have done to make this term as successful as possible. We are very proud of the way students have engaged with on-line learning. Well done everyone! Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you all next term. (And please check your junkmail, as it appears some emails from individual teachers have gone into your junk folder).


Y11-13 Study Guide


Many students would quite like to study, but don’t really know how to, or where to begin. Our study guide here will show you how to study the most effective way, as proven by science! Check out the videos and tips from The Learning Scientists.


Senior students should look to establish an initial four-week study plan (two weeks of holidays + first two weeks of term 4), doing at least two hours of study per day. Good luck, put your reps in, stack your habits and just start! Don’t forget to exercise as well!


Additionally, the StudyIt forums have reopened, for NCEA Levels 1-3 English, Maths or Science. This online learning platform has moderated forums for students to discuss NCEA achievement standards with other students and facilitators here


Term 4


Term 4 begins on Monday 18 October. Hopefully we will be in L2 by then. Assuming we are, all buses will run as normal. Students may choose to wear a mask if they like, but it will not be compulsory. We will email you with any updates.


A slightly modified Jump Jam will take place during week 1, and a similarly modified House Athletics will take place at the end of week 4. 


Derived grade (mock) exams will take place in week 3.


Holiday options


TechGirlz offer workshops for Y7-9 students 


Lockdown Challenge Kids of Auckland, show us what you are doing to get out into nature this spring to help beat the level-3 lockdown blues.




Tēnā koutou katoa


First up, a huge thank-you on behalf of the staff for your support of us during this lockdown. We really appreciate your efforts in supporting and encouraging your students with their home learning. We are super proud of the students - they have been great: engaged, diligent and full of good humour. To date, 443 virtual Golden Tickets have been awarded, which shows just how awesome our kids have been. We know everyone is starting to flail a little, so please keep encouraging your kids to attend all online classes next week, so we can then all enjoy a well-deserved holiday.


FYI, we are planning to continue with some of our fun events in term 4 if at all possible, such as Jump Jam and House Athletics, as we know the students love these events.




Learning Recognition Credits - further adjustment:

  • For every 4 credits you achieve through internal or external assessment, you are now entitled to 1 extra Learning Recognition Credit (LRC).

  • Up to 16 of your LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 80 you need for NCEA Level 1.

  • Up to 12 LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 60 you need for Level 2 and Level 3.


This means:

  • Year 11 students, your target to gain NCEA Level 1 is now 64 credits. If you meet this target, the LRCs will take you to the 80 credits required to pass Level 1.

  • Year 12 and 13 students, your target to gain NCEA Level 2 or 3 is now 48 credits. If you meet this target, the LRCs will take you to the 60 credits required to pass Level 2 or 3.


Certificate Endorsement Requirements - further adjustment

  • To get a certificate endorsement you will now need 44 credits at Merit or Excellence level.


Course Endorsement Requirements - unchanged from September 2

  • To gain a course endorsement you will need 12 credits at Achieved or Merit or Excellence level in a course. You still need to achieve at least 3 credits in externals and 3 in internals.

  • Your LRCs don’t come with Merit or Excellence, so they can’t count towards an endorsement.


University Entrance (UE) Requirements - unchanged from September 2

  • To gain UE you will need 12 credits in each of three UE-approved subjects.

  • You still need to gain NCEA Level 3 and have passed the literacy and numeracy requirements to gain UE.


What do I need to do?

  • Keep working to make sure that you achieve as many standards as you can.

  • Track your progress on KAMAR. Your teachers and your Dean can also help you.

  • You don’t need to do anything to get your LRCs. NZQA will do the calculations before you get your results.

  • Make sure you know when your portfolios are due and double-check the practice examination timetable and the new NCEA examination timetable




Term 4 begins on Monday 18 October. We hope to be in Covid L1 or 2. The first two weeks at school will be disruption free, allowing students to reconnect with their teachers and prioritise getting back on track. We will contact you with any specific requirements before the end of the holidays. (On the first day back, students will meet first with their whānau teacher).


Derived grade exams will take place in Week 3, for all Y11-13 students. These exams will run for 5 days (slightly shorter than normal).


We anticipate that recognition events such as prize-givings and evening ceremonies may be disrupted by covid (as they were last year). We will provide more information closer to the time.


NCEA exams begin week 6, Monday 22 November.




Students in Y7-10 will have no formal set work. We encourage students to have a good break, get lots of fresh air and exercise, and do lots of reading. 


Students in Y11-13 will be notified by their teachers, in their google classroom, of work completion/work revision that should be undertaken during the holidays. Students will also be sent early next week a suggested study programme, based on what cognitive science teaches us about effective study (parents will get a copy too, and we’ll add links on the website).




Good afternoon Parents - a notice from the English Department - as you may be aware the lockdown has necessitated some changes to our Junior programme. Students have coped well and we have seen some interesting and thoughtful work coming in. We have also adjusted what we had planned for Term 4, and will be keeping Year 9 and 10 students in their original core classes until the end of the year (9A, 10D etc) to minimise the changes and make the adjustment back to onsite schooling easier. Our senior programmes have largely continued as planned, and all senior external classes completed internals in Week 8 - well done to those students and many thanks to you for supporting them and keeping them on track to gain these valuable credits. We are all looking forward to getting back into E block and having a productive Term 4.

- Mrs Schischka, HoF English

YEAR 13 CAMP 2022


A reminder to families of year 12’s, please continue to register for year 13 Barrier Camp 2022 (if you haven’t yet done so) on our online permission form: 






Kia ora whānau


The excellent response by Aucklanders to follow the rules at Alert level 4, has given Government confidence that we might move to Alert Level 3 on Wednesday next week. Until then, we remain at Alert Level 4.


All going well, Mahurangi College will be open on Wednesday next week, 22 September, for the small number of children in years 7-10 who need to attend. (Y11-13 students must continue working online at home. (Typically, we only have 5-6 students attending during AL3)

Students who do attend will simply be supervised by a staff member to complete their online work.

All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts.

While we know how difficult it is trying to work from home as well as support your child’s learning, please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you with no other option, we will look forward to seeing your child at school next week. 


If you are intending to send your children to school next week (if we do get to alert level 3) please EMAIL US. Please give your child’s first and last name, their year group and what days they will be attending if we were to remain in AL3 for the rest of week 9 and 10. This is really important as we need to know who is coming so that we can ensure adequate staff are available. (Students who turn up without having registered may be sent home, as we have to follow strict guidelines regarding bubble sizes and staffing). We need this information by 1:00pm on Tuesday, 21 September.


When your child arrives at school they must report to the B-Block quad until they are fetched by a teacher at 8:45am.

Social distancing of 2m must be maintained. If you have queries, again please EMAIL US.


It is highly recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Ministy of Education that students do wear masks when they are at school, but it is not compulsory. It is up to the individual.


You can also assist everyone’s safety by keeping your child at home if they are feeling unwell and please do contact your GP or Healthline, to seek advice about getting tested.


For those families due refunds and credits, these will be applied to student accounts as and when we are able.  Some refunds may not be able to be applied until we reopen in level 2.  All accounts will be adjusted accordingly then. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


We should be proud of how we have responded to this outbreak, but the mahi isn’t yet done. As you have been doing, please continue to follow all the alert level requirements at Alert Level 4 and stay at home. It is the best tool we have to keep our whānau and community safe.


Ngā mihi nui


Tony Giles (Principal)


Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori (Maori Language Week - 14 to 20 September)




Malo e lelei 

Good afternoon parents


I trust you are well and everything at home is running as smoothly as possible.


Many Auckland schools have instituted (or are intending to) a non-class ‘break’ or ‘wellness’ day.  We think this is a great idea, so next Wednesday 15 September will be a day where there are no formal online google meets or classes to attend. 


Our students have coped really well with this lockdown, and we’re super proud of their engagement with classes and diligence in completing work, but we know fatigue is starting to set in and some students are starting to get a little overwhelmed.


So, next Wednesday we encourage students to relax, chill, read a book, go for a walk or connect with friends to chat. It could be a great chance too to film their ‘trick shot’ for the competition that the prefect team is running.


If your child is really struggling, please alert us  (CONTACT OUR CV TEAM) and our pastoral team will touch base to see what assistance we can offer.


I will email you again next week once Cabinet have made their announcement regarding Auckland’s lockdown levels with an update.


Have a great, relaxing weekend.

Tony Giles






Tena koutou katoa


Having started the week with some stormy weather, I trust you are enjoying the current sunshine. 


I am very conscious that as we finish another week of online learning, a lot of parents are working really hard to keep their children engaged with their studies. Staff are very grateful for your help and realise it can be a struggle. Staff are also grateful for your messages of support and encouragement as they also balance online lessons with caring for their own families, which in many cases are very young.


This update contains information about NCEA changes, as well as more general information. Note that dates for traditional school events (such as prize-givings, celebration evenings etc) are likely to change - we will advise of these changes once we gain more certainty around alert levels.  


The Ministry of Education website has lots of good links for learning at home (scroll down the page).


If you have any queries or feedback, please contact our CV team (above). 

Senior Students Y11-13 NCEA

In addition to delaying the start of the NCEA External Examinations and extending the due dates for portfolio and scholarship submissions, NZQA has also adjusted the credits required to achieve NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3. Adjustments have also been made to the requirements for Course Endorsement, Certificate Endorsement and University Entrance. See details from NZQA below.


  • Our Mahurangi College derived grade exams will now take place in weeks 2&3 of Term 4, from Thursday 28 October until Friday 5 November. (These will be important ‘evidence gathering’ exams for students, in case formal NCEA exams are disrupted by Covid).


  • NCEA exams will now start on 22 November. 

Prefects 2022

All Y12s interested in holding a prefect position in 2022 need to look out for an email that Mr Neville has recently sent out and respond accordingly. If for some reason you cannot find or see the email then make sure you email Mr Neville at


Y13 2022 Great Barrier Week

Planning is underway, and a google form will be sent shortly to current Y12 students to allow for indications of interest.

Statement from the Board of Trustees

The Mahurangi College BOT would like to extend its thoughts and best wishes to the community as we deal with this challenging lockdown and the effect of the Covid virus in our community.


We appreciate that you will each have been affected in different ways and face different challenges but want to reiterate that the College and its team of amazing staff are there to support you in any way it can over this period, with the full backing of the Board.


Take care and we look forward to seeing your families back on campus in person as soon as it is safe to do so.

Kind regards

Tony Giles



From NZQA:


Changes to NCEA for 2021

Because being in COVID-19 lockdown has affected learning and assessment, changes have been made to NCEA, NZ Scholarship and University Entrance. These changes help give students a fair opportunity to gain the qualification they are aiming for.

These changes will take effect if your school is in Alert Level 3 or 4 for a total of 20 or more school days this year. (Auckland schools already qualify)


What does this mean for students?

The more credits you achieve the more you are entitled to.

  • For every 5 credits you achieve through internal or external assessment, you are entitled to 1 extra credit. These extra credits are called Learning Recognition Credits (LRCs)

    • Up to 10 of your LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 80 you need for NCEA Level 1.

    • Up to 8 LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 60 you need at Level 2 and Level 3.

Endorsements are still achievable.
  • To get a certificate endorsement you will need 46 credits at Merit or Excellence level, instead of the usual 50. 

  • To get a course endorsement you will need 12 credits at Achieved or Merit or Excellence level in a course, rather than 14. You still need to achieve at least 3 credits in externals and 3 in internals. 

  • Your LRCs don’t come with Merit or Excellence, so they can’t count towards an endorsement.

University Entrance has been adjusted.


You’ve got more time to study.
  • Most portfolio due dates and exams for NCEA and Scholarship have been moved later, to give more time for students to learn and prepare.


What do I need to do?

Keep working to make sure that you achieve as many standards as you can. Your teachers will help you to track your progress.

You don’t need to do anything else to get your LRCs. NZQA will do the calculations before you get your results. 

Make sure that you know when your portfolios are due, and double check the new exam timetable.


If you need any more information, talk to your Dean, Mrs Wynne or ring NZQA on 0800 697 296.





If  a student has an item that could be collected from Mahurangi College (such as a text book, art folio board etc) then their teacher will email them. Items can then be collected at specific times tomorrow and Wednesday. If your child has not been contacted by email, but still wishes to collect an item from school, then they are welcome to come at the allocated time.


The key instructions include:

Only the student may come onto site (parents need to wait in their car)

Masks must be worn at all times

Students who are unwell or self-isolating must remain at home


For full instructions click on the link below here - if you are coming to collect an item, you must read these carefully.


If you have any queries, please contact DP, Keith Tennant who will assist.



Tony Giles


21 AUGUST 2021

Kia ora koutou

Thank-you for your support to get on-line learning underway with your children. A strong home/school partnership is critical in times such as these, and we really appreciate your efforts in helping to ensure good quality learning continues. 


I wanted to reassure you that our school staff will continue to be available to support your child’s learning and wellbeing in the coming days. Like everyone, we’re hoping L4 lockdown will be short and sharp, but we are prepared if things persist.


With regards classwork expectations, Y9-13 students should be getting 2x on-line sessions per week for each subject, plus relevant off-line work to complete. Y7&8 students have on-line work 9am-12pm each day, with off-line activities in the afternoons. If you have any queries, use the link further down in this email.


We also hope you are doing OK at the moment – but it is also OK if you aren’t. If you need to talk, check in with a friend or whānau member, or free call/text 1737 to chat with a trained counsellor. It's free and confidential. There are also a lot of other supports available to you, your whānau and your community if needed.


For our Pacific families, if you are not aware, useful information is available to Pacific peoples in nine different languages. including te taetae ni Kiribati.


There are links here to a variety of good on-line learning platforms. VIEW HERE


For parent queries regarding COVID-19  please email our CV team and a staff member will answer your query. EMAIL OUR CV TEAM


Don’t hesitate to reach out if further support is needed - our deans and counsellors are skilled professionals who are willing and able to support students and families.


I’ll touch base again later next week with more details as they come through from the MOE. At this stage there are no accommodations for senior students (in terms of a reduced credit requirement for NCEA) but we are expecting news on this shortly.


Take care


Ngā mihi

Tony Giles




18 AUGUST 2021

Wednesday - Day 1 of lockdown:

WHANAU meeting at 10am today. This meeting will remind you about how online learning works and provide you with resources to support you. You then need to spend the rest of your day filling in your timetable and getting ready to start classes tomorrow. You can do this by checking your google classroom announcements, they will start to be announced by teachers from 11am today. A sample timetable and blank timetable can be found here - OPEN ONLINE LEARNING  LINK


Thursday - Day 2 of lockdown: Online learning begins. 


Take care. We have done this before and we can do it again.



2022 Subject selection for current students in Years 10 – 12 are due Friday 18 August at 3:20pm.




  • For full subject descriptions refer to Faculties list in the sidebar.


  • Students will be able to login at the top of the sidebar, allowing them to select 6 subjects for Year 11 & 12 and 5 subjects for Year 13.


  • Students will NOT be required to hand in a paper copy to student reception.


Any issues with subject choices please contact you Academic Deans, Year 10 Mrs Light, Year 11 Mrs Watts, Year 12 Mrs Jessop and Year 13 Mrs Johnston or Mr Blyth via email.