cultural AWARDS


To our Cultural Blue Recipients


On behalf of the Mahurangi College community I would like to warmly congratulate you for your Cultural Blue, a most prestigious award. To receive a Cultural Blue, a student must have represented Mahurangi College in the arts field or has performed outstandingly well in their artistic field (equivalent to: regional/national recognition), and have contributed their talents at Mahurangi College while having displayed an outstanding attitude. Well done for your success!


Participation in the arts is so important for young people, and a great way to develop your creativity and express your originality. The American poet Thomas Merton once said “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” It’s a quote that rings true - our artistic endeavours allow us to forget about the here and now while at the same time empowering us to discover who we really are.


So, irrespective of whether your talents lie in theatre or music or art or any other field, or indeed in a combination of these, keep on finding and losing yourself! As Henri Matisse said “Creativity takes courage."  Keep being courageous, keep expressing yourself, and keep having fun. Congratulations!

Mr Giles