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Mahurangi College uses digital devices to communicate and learn. We have a Bring Your Own Device programme that makes use of the skills and knowledge needed in the 21st century, so that the potential of digital devices can be used to further enhance learning.


Some of the benefits that can be enjoyed with e-Learning:


  • Students are more motivated and focused on their work.

  • They can instantly share their work with peers, parents and teachers, to gain immediate feedback and advice to improve.

  • The link between home and school can be more seamless.

  • The internet provides a huge number of resources which are invaluable in the learning process.

  • Students are prepared for a world which is increasing utilising technology to work and communicate.


At Mahurangi College we have a 'no exceptions' restriction on the use of cell phones during lesson time.

View our policy here.



Mahurangi College believes open communication between parents, teachers and students is the best way to keep students safe, we have programmes and support services that encourage and develop students to become responsible digital citizens. 

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