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When enrolment has been confirmed you will be given details about starting school. We have a welcoming procedure so students are given tours of the school, advice about subjects and careful introductions are made into the classes.



Once your child is enrolled, there will be an opportunity for students to visit the school on our Orientation Day. If your child has diverse learning needs and you would like to speak with members of our staff prior to the start date, please complete this form CLICK HERE and email to . We will notify you by email in advance when these Interviews will be held and your interview time.


Please note that your enrolment application will not be accepted until all requested documents are received. 


It is important that parents advise the College in writing when a change of address occurs.


An important step in a child’s life is making the move from primary to secondary schooling. Mahurangi College works closely with the local primary schools to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. Part of the transition programme includes:


  • Mahurangi staff visiting the students at their schools

  • Students having the opportunity to spend time at Mahurangi College on an orientation day the year before

  • Information open days for parents and whānau about the school


Once students start at Mahurangi College, Term 1 focuses on settling in and a well established peer support programme takes place for the first 6 weeks of school.

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