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Accomodation and Homestay

All students who apply for and gain places at Mahurangi College will be provided with Homestay accommodation approved and supervised by the College’s Accommodation Coordinator in accordance with the Code of Practice. Only students living with a parent or legal guardian will be permitted to live in accommodation outside the our homestay placement system.

Mahurangi College has run a successful Homestay placement programme for many years. The township of Warkworth and the satellite suburb of Snells Beach have long been an attraction for international students with their proximity to the coastline and rural environment.


The college has a list of homestay providers who offer single room accommodation with adequate space for quiet study. Homestay families guarantee to provide a fully furnished room, all meals and laundry. 


Homestay's are carefully supervised and regularly inspected:

  • All Homestay applicants must complete the College’s application form and then agree to a homestay check and police vetting procedures.

  • The College employs a separate homestay inspector who visits the homes and ensures that the accommodation meets the College and Ministry of Education guidelines.


  • Once approved, all homestay's are checked regularly by the College (at least twice a year).


  • Students meet regularly with the Director to ensure that their homestay environment is a happy one. They have access to the Homestay coordinator 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The coordinator provides ongoing and emergency assistance. Students who do not find their homestay accommodation satisfactory are moved. Students wishing to change their homestay must discuss this with the coordinator who will arrange a new homestay if it is considered necessary.


  • The Director also has several meetings per year with homestay providers so that issues (such as cultural adaptations) relating to the care and welfare of all international students can be discussed and ideas shared.

In some circumstances a student may, for behavioural reasons, not be considered suitable for a homestay family. The College does not guarantee to continually move a student who disrespects the homestay environment and is unwilling to make reasonable adjustments to fit in with a different culture. In such a situation the student may be asked to leave the college.


The Refund Policy of the College will apply.

Mahurangi College reserves the right to remove a student from a homestay if issues of health or safety arise.




Mahurangi College has agreed to observe and be bound by The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 published by the Minister of Education (SEE LINK ABOVE).

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