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Mahurangi College aims to provide leadership opportunities in many different ways at for example learning and project leaders in class situations, on the sportsfield and in the arts disciplines. Each year we also have a selected group of Year 13s that form our prefect team.


Many of the wonderful events and fun times that make Mahu our place and help students feel like they belong come down to the high quality, fun events, fundraisers, and community links that our prefects lead. These events, prefect duties and leadership development training provide our prefects with understanding of what leadership looks and feels like.



Our Year 7 to 10 students are given the opportunity to lead, debate, campaign and carry out projects towards making Mahu and our community the best it can be. Many projects that these groups have lead make a difference every day at Machu such as shade and play areas, road safety, special events and many fundraising activities that support local, national and global causes.



A dedicated group of students lead the school in its pursuit to make caring for the environment in our school and local community a way of life for everyone.



Students in whānau classes are elected to represent them their whānau. They help to lead whanau and house activities. They are also there to listen to and support the students in their whānau.



Teaching students how to be respectful, kind and empathetic while relating to each other everyday is an important part of living the values of Mahurangi College. At times our younger students need direction, support, advice when negotiating the playground, the peer mediators role is to offer this support on a daily basis.

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