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Our curriculum is purposefully sequenced from Year 7 to 13, so that students have the knowledge and skills to thrive academically in their senior years at school. We ensure the basics are secured first, employing a mastery approach to set strong foundations to enable future success. 


We want our pupils to have access to ‘the best that has been thought and said’, to know more and to remember more.

With this in mind, we teach powerful knowledge so that students can understand, access and influence our society. But, we also teach critiques of knowledge - to empower our students to contest ideas and argue or debate from a position of knowledge.


Learning is a change in long term memory so we ensure our curriculum is taught to be remembered, not merely encountered. We also provide opportunities for our pupils to produce beautiful work, to polish and refine something they really value. We know that stories make learning easier, so texts and books sit as the beating heart of our curriculum.


Our students love our classes - they feel accomplished and clever, and approach learning with confidence.

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