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Organised lunchtime sport is offered to Y7-Y10 age groups in the Gymnasium or on the sports field.  Our Senior Prefects with the help of our Sports council. Organise a variety of different activities for our students to be involved in.

SAY (Sport All Year) Shed 

The SAY Shed is available to hire out sports equipment at lunch time. Our Sports prefects and Sport council open the SAY shed 3x lunch times every week. Here students can take out any of the sports equipment we have to keep active during lunch time.


March Wednesday 8th Y7/8 
March Thursday 9th Y7/8
March Friday 10th Y7/8 


April  Monday 3rd Y9/10 
April Tuesday 4th Y9/10 
April Wednesday 5th Y9/10 


May Wednesday 24th Y7/8
May Thursday 25th Y7/8
May Friday 26th Y7/8


June Wednesday 14th Y9/10
June Thursday 15th Y9/10
June Friday 16th Y9/10


August Monday 7tH Y7/8
August Tuesday 8th Y7/8
August Wednesday 9th Y7/8


October Tuesday 24th Y7/8
October Wednesday 25th Y7/8
October Thursday 26th Y7/8

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