Music@mahu offers lessons in piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, cello and voice taught by private teachers who bill families directly. A $25 admin fee needs to be paid directly to the office as soon as you are placed with a teacher. You may be required to purchase a tutor book. The pricing for the private lessons varies between teachers. Some instrument teachers will take students in groups or pairs reducing the cost.

Through the itinerant music scheme we offer lessons on violin, brass, clarinet and saxophone, which are free except for the $25 administration fee which is paid to the college office.

Students will need their own instrument for practising and where possible for lessons. Piano and drum students use the school instruments for lessons. Students can store their instruments in the practice rooms in music@mahu during the day of their lesson.

Instruments can also be hired through KBB Music, ABI or Music Works.

Learning an instrument through school is very user friendly. Students come out of class for 1⁄2 hour once a week, missing 1⁄2 a different lesson each week. Students are responsible for catching up class work that is missed.


Places in instrument lessons are limited. First come, first served.

Junior Choir is an all-comers group open to year 7/8 and meets at 7.45am on Monday morning with Mrs Dashper in S2

Harmony Group is an auditioned choir open to all levels, audition times will be advertised through the school notice system.

If you have any queries about bands or junior choir, please contact Lyn Dashper below.

If you have any questions regarding instrument lessons or harmony group please contact Wendy Sutherland below.