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NCEA Level 1 is changing in New Zealand this year (Level 2 and 3 don’t change). If your son or daughter is in Year 11 this year, these changes will impact them.

Some schools have abolished Level 1 entirely. We however believe it is important to introduce students to internal and external assessments so that they are prepared for Level 2 (this was also the clear preference of our community).

What will Level 1 NCEA look like at Mahurangi College in 2024?

Students will (generally) sit 1 internal and 1 external for each of their 6 subjects. For most courses, this will be a total of 10 credits. This means that students can potentially achieve a maximum of 60 credits.

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Driving Test Report

There is no time limit on completing an NCEA level. Some students will achieve their L1 qualification at the end of 2024. Many will pass early in Year 12.


Think of it as like getting your driver’s licence; when you get it doesn’t matter as much as getting it when you’ve met the standard.

The goal is for all students to achieve the minimum of a good Level 2 NCEA qualification by the end of Year 12Our Level 1 courses will provide students with the broad, foundational knowledge needed to support their specialisation at Levels 2 and 3.

Why the changes to NCEA?

There has been too much assessment for students, overwhelming many and creating enormous workload for teachers. Too many students were leaving school without functional literacy and numeracy; those areas have been strengthened in the curriculum.

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What are the Literacy and Numeracy corequisites?

From 2024, learners will need to achieve a 20-credit co-requisite using either the new literacy and numeracy standards or an approved list of literacy and numeracy-rich assessment standards to be awarded an NCEA. 


Many of our students will have achieved these corequisites last year in Year 10; these still count. Students only need to repeat standards (maths, reading or writing) that they have not met. 


What is staying the same?

  • Any credits you have already earned can be used towards the new NCEA.

  • You can still use Unit Standards and Achievement Standards towards NCEA.

  • Course and certificate endorsement requirements remain the same.

  • You can still study at different levels of NCEA in the same year.


  • If you met the literacy and numeracy requirements in 2023 or earlier, you do not need to attempt them again.

  • There is still no time limit on completing NCEA. If you have part of a qualification, you can return to study at any time.

How can I help my son or daughter?

The major reason students fail to achieve credits is disorganisation.


Help your child plan their year.


For NCEA internal assessments, deadlines are crucial. Teachers will assist by including checkpoints and milestones within assessments, to help students learn to manage their learning and to meet the expectations. 


You can expect to be informed when checkpoints are due for internals, and by email if your child is off the pace and missing these checkpoints.

  • A great idea is to run a calendar which includes key assessment dates.

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Further questions?

Please feel free to reach our to Mr Craig Morris, our Academic Head of Year 11.

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