Over 600 years ago the great waka Mahuhu-ki-te-rangi set sail for a new land, first exploring the upper reaches of the North Island before eventually making land at Taporapora Island just inside the Kaipara Heads. While the waka continued to explore Northland some of the crew remained – they had found their place… just as we have.



It is said that you need to know your past to understand your future. It is from this challenging and bold voyage 600 years ago, combined with our wonderful region and our desire to succeed, that gives us the vision of Mahurangi College:

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Just like the incredible waka journey, we ask our students to dream big, to take risks, to be curious, determined and resilient. Our expectations are that we develop students who can achieve great results and to work alongside parents and whanau to help shape well-balanced, young adults with a strong sense of who they are and where they come from. We challenge all our students to look up, imagine and reach for their stars.




Excelling is a habit. We encourage excellence in all areas of school life and take pride in celebrating our many successes – on the sports field, in the arts and in the unique and exciting ways our students think and express themselves in the 21st century. Most importantly we are proud of our recent strong academic successes. We have seen six years of consecutive improvements in our NCEA results; we are now well above the national averages and are on track to becoming the top academic decile 7 school in the country.




Today the Mahurangi area is one of the most remarkable in New Zealand. It’s a community with a rural heart on the doorstep of a great city, tied together by the wonderful area we live in and the incredible diversity and life balance we have. We’re a community that aims to pass all this onto our children so that they can grow into the finest, well-balanced men and women they can be. It is unique, it is amazing and it is ‘Our Place’.