At Our Place, Mahurangi College, we encourage, model and learn about a set of values that we believe are important for young people. 

Pursuing excellence

Respecting self, others and our place

Innovative and curious

Determined and resilient

Empathetic and kind

Identifying our unique abilities and strengths and building on these to encourage each person to give and achieve their best; resources tailored to fit individuals; each person plays an important role in achieving excellence and in supporting others. Pursuit becomes a life-long journey. 

Respect ourselves first, then follows respecting others and place. Believe in your unique value and importance; respect the opinions, values and morals of others; show understanding of each others challenges, backgrounds and experiences; take owernship of our place and our resources.

Curiosity and innovation need to be role modelled. Teachers need to find new ways to demonstrate, teach and explain every day. They need to be open to student ideas; be willing and able to support those ideas; teach beyond the criteria; create opportunities; make resources available.


But most of all they need passion and enthusiasm.

To be challenged, to have the courage to take risks, to be brave, determined and resilient; to have meaning our learning needs to be linked to the real world and be experienced in a variety of environments with a variety of people. 

Each one of us has unique learning needs; however our individual physical, mental, emotional and social well-being must be valued and nurtured before life-long learning can take place. It begins with caring, noticing, listening and understanding. 

It's the people that make any place. Family and community involvement are vital to making Our Place a place where our young people thrive. Working together taking ownership and care for our present and future generations. 

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Contact: David Macleod - Principal | Postal: PO Box 64, Warkworth 0941, Physical: Woodcocks Road, Warkworth 0910 | Phone: 09 425 8039 | Email: admin@mahurangi.school.nz