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OUTside the classroom

With such an incredible area on our doorstep, it is no wonder we have an excellent outdoor education programme, providing the students at Mahurangi College many opportunities to learn the importance of group co-operation and self-reliance, all in our backyard. The aim is to challenge students to take risks, be brave, determined and adventurous and to link their learning about the world around them while experiencing New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors.


In Year 7 students have a full week of outdoor education experiences very early in the year, these activities help the students connect to our place and make new friends. Students also learn about our area, its history and also have their first opportunity to learn about our living classroom.

In Year 8 students are challenged with a full week long camp in the last week of school. This camp is a true kiwi experience that involves tenting, abseiling, tramping, rafting and much more. The camp is help in the beautiful Karangahake Gorge at an amazing site that allows the whole year group to camp at the same time.

In Year 9 students have a two day experience that focuses on kakiakatanga and looking after our precious land, getting their hands dirty and pitching in to make a difference. The two days includes a climb up our local maunga, connecting with local Māori culture and visiting our very own bushland to be part of restoring it and bring back native bird and insect life.

Our Year 10 off-the-grid wilderness experience is a unique Mahu experience and is run in partnership with local farmers; a rite-of-passage for our students. This camp is held in the beautiful Hoteo Valley.

In Years 11 and 12 students can continue to select subjects that have elements of outdoor education and continue to experience excellent camps and trips.

Our camp programme culmintes in the ultimate outdoor experience in Year 13 with the whole cohort spending a week on Great Barrier Island at the beginning of the year.

Mahurangi camps are the memory-making experiences that add such richness to a student's experiences and are often the first thing that a past student will bring up when talking about their time at Mahu.

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