• Christina Merrick


Hi, I am going to tell you about me. Firstly, I am going to talk to you about my birthday and where I was from. My birthday is actually pretty cool. It is triple seven, yes triple seven. So it is 7/7/7, but that is not the only thing that is cool about it. My birthday is actually the same as my mum. My mum said she didn’t need a present for her birthday because I was her present to her. Would you like to have a birthday like mine?

My favourite number is seven for so many reasons, I am going to name four reasons why. My birthday is triple seven, mailbox number is seven, have a family of seven, and my name has seven words. I am excited for this year because I am having my birthday in Tonga with my mum. It’s not only me and my mums birthday in July, it is also my grandmas and my three cousins. So we might have all our birthdays at once.

I was born in Tonga so I guess that you would think that I am from Tonga. Well yes, you are right. I am from the one and only island called Tonga. Tonga is a very peaceful island with people who like to play rugby. Rugby is a huge thing back in the islands. I lived in Tonga for two years and came to New Zealand when I was only two. I can’t wait to go back there next week on Tuesday. In my opinion, I will make the most of it because I will only be staying there for one month.

When I hit the Tongan air it will feel like a whole new world like I just came into this planet. It will smell fresh. I will see, and just say this is where I am going to live for the rest of my life. I will hear birds chirping. Just think about the weather, hot, peaceful, and fresh. I just want to thank my Dad for staying for two weeks to work while we are in Tonga. Without my Dad this would not be possible, because he is the only one who works. 

I am in a family of seven, so I have a Mum and Dad, two sisters and two brothers. I have one pet which is a cat. I have had him for about five years. So he is five because I have had him ever since he was born. Sadly his mother got lost when we were moving to our new house. I am so happy that I have a family that loves me. It’s because some children don’t have a family or have a family that loves them.

My hobbies that I like to do in school is maths. Maths might be a hard thing for me but I learn from it. My hobbies I like to do out of school are sports such as Netball, Soccer, and Rippa. I have been apart of Netball for about a year and Soccer and Rippa for about two years. I love any type of seafood, especially oysters. Seafood has been one of my favourite foods ever since I was born. My parents and I are the only ones who like seafood in our family. But my parents' favourite thing about seafood is probably fishing. We usually go out fishing every Friday if the weather is looking good.

Thanks for reading my story.

- S. Fine


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