• Christina Merrick

A Waka Welcoming

The pressure from whanau exhilarates,

Chilling air wafting in and out of my nose,

Strong strokes through the steadying wake,

Each paddle hits the water in waiata,

On the beach, the kaikaranga arose,

And the hovering crowd became quieter,

Behind me, my team search the overloaded bay,

Filled with cultures and colours,

To find their parents and where they lay,

Above me, the sky gets duller,

The depth of the ocean below me is thrilling,

A waka pulls up beside, like a spell lay upon us,

They start to chant and my heart starts drilling,

Wooden carved paddles we hold on to with trust,

A synchronized timed dance with might,

Leads us to the beach with pride,

Eyes of the kaikaranga wide as to start a fight,

The ceremonial call starts and in union we take a long stride.

Tenika J


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