• Christina Merrick

AIMs Games 2019

The Anchor AIMS games was held at Tauranga. A total of  13,500 kids came to play this year. I went along with the Mahurangi College rugby team.

The first day we all set up the big tent then went to the opening ceremony, where famous sport players came to speak to us,  and a rapper and dancers came to entertain us as well

On our first day we played three 7s games and won two of them on that day. The other days we won more than we lost. 

The campsite we were staying at was pretty cool but sadly there was no service to message our parents how we were doing. Overall the camp was cool because they had pools and spas we were allowed to go in. This was great after a long day of sport. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again because I had good times with friends and playing our sports. I would recommend this tournament as I would like to make more good memories.

J Beardmore


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