• Christina Merrick

Consumerism Art

This art reflects who I am as a consumer and what I consume. Before starting this I was a casual consumer. I didn’t think about what I consumed and the impact that consuming this product had on people or the environment. You can see from my artwork that I consume things that are online such as Instagram. I also consume food such as weet-bix, yoghurt and drinks in plastic bottles.

I have now learned about the impacts of plastic on the environment. I know that plastic has a bad effect on the environment if it’s not recycled. It needs lots of oil and water to make plastic which is a resource that is non-renewable. I also found out that plastic pollutes the environment and takes over 500 years to breakdown however if it’s recycled it can be used again. This has made me a conscious consumer and now I think more about buying products in plastic. I now make sure that I use my metal Zoku water bottle more. I am hoping that in the future I use less plastic and if I do use plastic I make sure to recycle it.

I wonder how big brands like Coke will deal with the plastic problem that we have and what they will use instead. All of the things we buy comes in plastic. I also wonder how we can limit our plastic use when we have no other choice than plastic because really nothing doesn’t come in plastic. 

Z Carter


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