• Christina Merrick

Global Warming

I know you’ve all heard of it, but what exactly is global warming? What is it doing to the Earth? Global warming is basically the Earth getting warmer. It doesn’t sound like much, but the effects are life threatening. Scientists predict that the Earth will warm up by five degrees over the next 80 years! 

So what causes global warming? There are three main causes. The first is cars. Most cars, planes, buses, and trucks all burn fossil fuels. When you burn fossil fuels, it releases a gas called carbon dioxide, and it creates an invisible blanket around the earth, keeping it warm. Cutting down trees also causes global warming. Trees breathe carbon dioxide, so when they get cut down, carbon dioxide is released. Believe it or not, cow farts also contribute to global warming. 

Global warming doesn’t just affect beachfront houses it also affects lots of wildlife. Sea levels are rising and turtles can’t lay their eggs, ice is melting and seals don’t have anywhere to live, and so much more. We can help this by walking or riding your bike to school, even taking the bus will help. If you have the chance you could plant some trees? Hopefully this writing made some changes on how you consider global warming.

B McGee


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