• Christina Merrick


She stood there. Her features barely visible under her pitch black wreath of hair. Shimmering blue eyes two deep pools of water, were the only other part of her that you could make out against the exquisite night sky. 

Her hand reached down to brush against the soft carpet of pine needles. Glancing out over the cliff, she peered down to see the treacherous waves below duck under, into the calm, tranquil ocean.

Taking one last deep breath she took a step forward, and fell. Carving through the crisp night air. No panic, but peacefulness. Time seemed to freeze. Wistfully she took one last glimpse at the place all her life, she had called home. 

Glancing up she saw the traitorous cliffs, she just leapt from. Rocks scattered around in clumps their shadows casting a ghostly scene in the moonlight. The cavalry of towering pine trees strewed along the ridge line, marching forward, but never getting anywhere.

Looking down, she saw what awaited her. The wild  sea was crashing up against the weather beaten rocks. She wondered what creatures were down there, but quickly pushed the thought aside as it depleted her newfound bravery. 

Two hawks broke out of the forest gliding gracefully across the moon. Their gentle wing beats creating a melody adding to the orchestra of breaking waves and cicadas chattering.

Sparks of light filled the sky as the stars twinkled, waving her goodbye. The moon shone with all its glory, speaking up against the silhouette of pine trees.

Without a warning she plunged into the dark ice cold sea. Her skin ached from the severity of the impact. Water suddenly rushed up her nose and through her firmly closed lips. Flailing she tried to propel herself to the surface, but then just let the current take her now lifeless body away.

R Travers 


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