• Christina Merrick

Heading to School

Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm ringtone went off as it was time to sleep.The hollow wisps of light fell away lazily in the background as night was drawing near and my mum was turning off all the lights. My mind gave way as my body entered a lazy dark state. Beep! Beep! Beep! The same ringtone went off again as it signalled morning was here. Sunlight shone through my half opened eyes. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! I fervently turned off my alarm and gazed at the time. 

"Ughhh" I groaned at the early morning wake up call and dressed into my freshly ironed uniform. After that I went hell for leather as I went downstairs and opened our fridge. A chilly aura emitted from the white giant and as I opened it a cool air of wind brushed softly against my face and behold!! My beloved lunchbox and inside is my favourite fruit and my chicken, tuna sandwich with the crust cut off (and cut into mini triangles).  

My hands grasped my lunch and placed it into my bag. My eyes twitched as I put on my contact lenses and brushed my teeth. When everything was finished and in order, my shiny black shoes were slipped on. Outside was a tranquil morning, clouds towering above me and the sun beams lazily peeking out with tendrils of light.

My bike rolled softly as I hopped onto it. My bike screeched softly to a stop as I entered the cafe. As the waiter rolled a fluffy hot scone onto my table my body sat back and relaxed. After eating to my heart's content my hands felt around for my wallet to see if I could find some money to give to the waiter as a tip. Then as I felt nothing around all of my pockets, distress and despair enveloped me. I scanned the floor and everywhere but couldn't find it. Mum would definitely be mad and disappointed if she heard about this. Examining my watch and found school was underway, more stress was added into this morning! 

I'm going to be late and this was my first day of school! I got on my bike and went like the wind to school. As my bike rattled and jolted across the brick pavement I heard the bell churn it's own morning call, the sound was distant but clear to me. My bike arrived at school and as it rolled slowly to a halt I jumped off. I found Joe Kuwano walking to his classroom late as well. We exchanged a few words before I headed to my own classroom.

Slowly, I entered the classroom, all the kids were looking at me. It felt like a thousand beady vulture eyes boring into me. My cold desk was filled with pens and textbooks. I sat down rapidly and said a few hellos and greetings. Now it was finally time to say the words I had been practicing. "Ok class I will be your new teacher from now on, please treat me well!" 

L Taing


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