• Christina Merrick

How to get the most out of AA Smartfuel

AA Smartfuel is all about accumulating and redeeming your fuel savings, whether it’s big or small.

You can earn discounts at any of their partners, then redeem those at any BP or participating GAS service station nationwide.

Let’s give us an example of how everyone likes to save with the awesome power of AA Smartfuel. Our cupboard and kitchen are running very low on food to feed. We shopped at Countdown, spent $224 in just a week and earned a discount of 6c per litre! The power bill came in our mailbox when we came home from school the other day. The great news is that our power is with Contact, so we saved 30c per litre on fuel, which is super lucky! Dad wants to put new engine oil in his car, so we went to Repco, bought two bottles at the same time and saved 4c off per litre!

Last but not least, Dad also discovered during his engine oil top up, that his car’s tyres are flat so Bridgestone Tyre Centre and Bridgestone Select has a 15c per litre discount with AA Smartfuel, which we got just because of that. And Mum needed a little bit of petrol to keep her tank going, so she spent $40 and got a 6c per litre discount from either BP or GAS. Our total savings are 76c per litre on fuel across a single month that can be redeemed on any fill for petrol or diesel up to 50 litres at any BP or participating GAS service station.

Next time you fill up, swipe your AA Smartfuel card to redeem your discounts and you’ll be saving heaps of money on fuel. For example, the cost of 91 is $2.079 and you fill up 50 litres. The normal cost is $103.95, but then you redeemed your AA Smartfuel discounts and now you’re paying $65.95! 

That’s a saving of $38.

Your discounts are valid for up to two months, meaning you have lots of time to redeem your savings before they expire. For example, if you have any discounts dated from the 1st to 31st August, they are valid until the 30th September. You can check your balance anytime via the free AA Smartfuel app, available on the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting their website, AASmartfuel.co.nz.

There are two types of cards available, but which one you choose is up to you. You can choose to have either an AA Smartfuel card or an AA Membership card. An AA Smartfuel card is available to pick up for free at any of their retail partners, such as BP, GAS, Countdown and AA Centres. Once you’ve got one, register it online at AASmartfuel.co.nz so then you don’t miss out on getting big fuel discounts.

If you are an AA Member and have an AA Membership Card with you, then this is the card that you need! It’s automatically registered and is ready to get AA Smartfuel discounts. At Countdown, you have a choice of reward, whether it’s AA Smartfuel discounts or Onecard rewards vouchers.

We already told you about AA Smartfuel discounts, so let’s start talking about Onecard rewards.

For every $10 you spend in a single transaction at Countdown, you get a Onecard point. If you get 200 points, you receive a $15 voucher, automatically loaded to your card, ready to use at any Countdown store on your next purchase. If you spend $40 or more on fuel at BP or GAS, you’ll get an instant 6c per litre discount with AA Smartfuel, if you choose to have rewards vouchers as your Countdown reward. There’s no minimum Countdown spend required!

So, that’s all the benefits that you can get with AA Smartfuel. To find out more, visit their website at AASmartfuel.co.nz.

- R Gedye


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