• Christina Merrick

Man Vs Mouse

Rush hour had come, everyone barging in to get the best meal for lunch. Gerald was at the back of a shelf, munching away on the expired Doritos, wishing for a better meal. A smell wafted from the Deli. Gerald’s eyes lit up. “Cheeesseee.” Gerald sighed, puddles of dribble pooling at his feet. Possessively, he walked out into the open, senses lulled by the cheese, completely unaware of the shrieks coming from the gangly humans. A shadow loomed over Gerald, snapping him back to reality. Eyes glared at him. He gasped. This was Mouse Man.


Gerald has read about Mouse Man in the latest Woman’s Weekly magazine. Awarded with an exterminating gold medal, he was the best of the best. Gerald turned, bounding down the aisle to the beat of the thumping echoing behind him. Scattering under a box, he panted heavily, frozen in fear. A strange snapping noise pricked Gerald’s curiosity. Through a hole, he peeked. No Mouse Man. Sneaking out of the box, Gerald cautiously checked his surroundings. No Mouse Man. His nerves cooled down and his breathing became steady.

“Little mousey, little mousey,” taunting filled the supermarket, herding the unaware Gerald towards a trap. Gerald ran around, down and under aisles, fleeing from the voice. Rounding a corner, Gerald slammed on his brakes, stopping before the sea of mouse traps set in front of him. Mouse Man’s voice forced Gerald forward. One wrong step and that was it. The pressure was on. 

Hop, hop, jump, spin, roll, leap. Gerald, the conqueror of mouse traps sighted the deli up ahead, cheese still so untouched and fresh. Only one thing was in his way. A red angry man, fuming at the ears. Grabbing a long liquorice strip, Gerald readied himself for battle. “Eye of the Tiger” started to play in the background, motivating Gerald. Let’s do this. 

“Chaaarrrggee.” Running forward with his liquorice lassoe, Gerald ducked and dived from the swipes above. Pain raced through Gerald, sending waves of fire through his back. “Got ya now you cheeky little mousey,” spat Mouse Man with a foot on Gerald’s tail. Saliva dripped down on Gerald as Mouse Man reached down for him with anger pulsing through his eyes. 

One last effort, one last effort. He had to free himself. Roaring out loud, Gerald whipped his liquorice strip out and around Mouse Man’s feet, tripping him over. A thump echoed. Rattling the items on the shelves, Mouse Man crashed into the deli, cheese raining down on Gerald. He had defeated his nemesis. “Come and get your Love” sounded through the supermarket as Gerald ate the divine cheese, savouring each bite of his well deserved victory. 

L Makin


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