• Christina Merrick

Mystery Creature

I hit the sandy floor with a thud but my tired body is still determined. Again and again I try to push myself to the water's surface but another braking wave crashers on top of me sending me down to the cold sandy seabed below. I wasn't sure if I could keep going. 

It was another wet, cold, miserable day at surfside point. The clouds were a deep grey colour, leaves, and rubbish blew around the street recklessly. No one was around, well no one but me and Jacob, we were going surfing. One step then another we walked down the road, the icy cold breeze blew against my face making me shiver, I could smell the salty sea air, and heard the great waves booming on the shoreline. Surfboard under arm we arrived at the beach, we looked out to the ocean it seemed to stretch on for miles and miles. “It's beautiful!” I exclaimed. 

“Yeah but you know what they say,” Jacob lowers his voice to a whisper. 


“A dark creature lives in the waves waiting to devour human soles.” 

“Yeah right” I laughed.

We changed into our wetsuits, grabbed our surfboards and started to head out to the great blue ocean. I walked then jogged, then sprinted, the ocean was calling me. The salty sea air blew on my face. I stopped inches away from the freezing, cold waters edge. Taking a deep breath I  looked out thoroughly at the harsh waves on the body of water in the distance. Then I gazed up at sea birds in the sky, I watched as they zoomed and soared above the waves. I could only imagine myself flying like them on my surfboard. 

I paddled out deeper and deeper. “Alya wait up,” I heard Jacob calling me from behind but I couldn't turn around it was like I was one with the ocean and nothing was going to-- “ALYA LOOKOUT,” Jacob’s voice rang in my head but before I could look up, SMASH! A monstrous wave crashed on top of me, booting me down to the cold, sandy, seabed below. I couldn't think, my brain had been shaken, there was just one thing left in my mind and that was getting to the water's surface. I struggled a lot at first, it seemed like there was no break between waves they all came crashing on top of me. “Alya I'm coming!” a voice echoed around me. Again and again, I tried and so did Jacob but eventually, he got pushed back into shore by another giant wave. I was now alone I had to somehow get out of this myself. Slowly I fell down to the sand, all my energy was gone. There were no colours, no lights, no sounds, just complete darkness. I didn't think I could hold on any longer. 

I was about to close my eyes when I saw a dark grey figure slowly creep towards me. I was so weak, I had to close my eyes. I lay on the seabed, motionless, I could sense the dark mystery creature slowly swerving over me. I could feel its hot breath blowing on my face. What was it? Was I dreaming? The sun was shining bright, I hesitantly opened my eyes, blue sky, clouds, seagulls. What was this? Was I on land? I quickly sat up in shock. I felt the soft, warm sand underneath me and watched the waves crash and sparkle on the shoreline. I got up at a slow pace, I was still shaking from my near-death experience. Surfboard underarm I began my long journey home. I hesitantly turned around. Thank you mystery creature.

C Sidwell


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