• Christina Merrick

Phone “Ban” Is Not Actually A Ban!

Almost every Mahurangi College student is aware of the so-called “ban” on phones that has come into place at the start of 2018. Recently we interviewed deputy principal Mr Alistair Elder and he announced that this ban is not actually a ban. “The so-called phone ban is actually just a restriction.” This surprising announcement has brought some new possibilities into light. In the same interview, it is revealed that students are actually more than welcome to use their phones before and after school.

According to Mr Elder, the Ban was actually put in place for Year’s 7&8, however the restriction still lies there for the senior school as the ban was put into place to stop students from using their phones during class time. Mr Elder, has also stated that the restriction was not an immediate success but was pointing in the right direction. It was also mentioned that the Board of Trustees was thinking about a total ban that would affect the whole school, but nothing more was said about the subject. Do you think this restriction should become a ban? 

A McNaughten & C Jollivet


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