• Christina Merrick

Rolling the Dice

It was a bleak, dreary Saturday night outside of the Dysene household. The moon was masked by the clouds. Mia had the house to herself.  The chimes of the clock echoed within the house, the rain shattered against the roof. She slumped on the couch with not a care in her mind. Before she started to attend to sleep the door swung open. “Mia guess what we got” squealed her little sister. Mia glanced at her sister then back towards the television. “We got a board game” declared her sister. Mia ignored her sibling's statement. “ Mom” hissed her little sister. “Mia… Harper wants to play a board game we bought” said her mother softly.

 “Oh no”  cried their mother. “ I forgot to pick up the pizza” she sighed “WHAT!?” Screeched the girls “Hurry Harper in the car” groaned her mother. “What about…” SLAM! The car drove off with the sound of wheels on gravel, faded. Mia was by herself knowing that her mother forgot to pick up their pizza. Then she studied the board game that had been brung home. “Fyndinn?” she muttered. She then removed the rectangular cardboard lid off, with no caution in mind. She scanned the box. There were three characters. An Octopus with four arms, but had two placed into rollerskates like feet and the other two used as hands. The octopus took the colour of purple and green, a black and grey racoon that looked like a thief, with a bag what looked like that stocked money drooping from its back, and finally a grey and white cat with a bow tie, monocle, and a black and white top hat that sat on an angle on the cats head. She glanced at all three of the figures. She then picked up the board. The board had weird, quirky drawings placed around. She then saw a pair of dice one die had the numbers from one to three and the other die had two pictures of each character placed on the cube. Mia glared and the pair of dice and then at the three characters. Her eye suddenly caught a glimpse of a mini booklet with a heading labelled Instructions. She reached towards the booklet with the dice tumbling onto the board. As Mia approached the instructions she started to evaporate. Mia was being consumed by the board game. She then let out a blood-curdling scream.

Mia paused. A purple and green figure that was signalling for Mia to come towards her. As Mia approached she was confused. Then the figure became familiar.  “Hello” greeted the figure. Mia froze. “octopus” she whispered. “I'm Tad” announced the octopus. “What?” she answered back. “I am Tad, I am the guardian of Fyndinn Grotto, within the Island of Fyndinn.”.“So how did you get here?” he questioned curiously. Mia dug her hand into her pocket and pulled out the pair of dice. “I dropped these on the board-” Mia realised how pale Tad’s expression was. “Tad?” “The Ladhiso has been abandoned into a dimension,” announced Tad. “ I think I may be from the other dimension,”  said Mia nervously. “Cananasska would have heard of your arrival, we must leave immediately” commanded Tad. “Why do we have to leave?” demanded Mia waiting for an answer. “Cananasska is the evil Emperor of Fyndinn if you get one and the current grotto guardian on the Ladhiso you come to me. If you get two and Fyndinn Praedo on the Lidhiso you evaporate and go to the Praedo guardian, and finally, Custard the royal rebellion guardian against Cananaska, three and the current royal guardian must be rolled. if Cananaska gets her hands on the Ladhiso, drinks luck potion and rolls the ladhiso and three, grotto. Suddenly a noise of heavy armoured boots, each time having the noise louder. 

“Hear ye, Here ye, Make way for the best royal. Cananasska.” announced a cloud. To Mia, a cloud that talked raised many questions. As the trumpets blew, a red carpet rolled towards Mia and then red flags slowly went up to reveal the mighty royal Cananasska. “Your majesty we welcome you to Fyndinn’s Grotto,” said Tad, he looked nervous. The Cananasska was a lady. She had blonde, brown hair that was cut at shoulder length, Cananasska had pale skin, her eyes were yellow, her cheeks had yellow swirls imprinted on them too. She wore a poofy dress with the colour of white and yellow, along with gloves that were up to her elbow, taking the same colour. She held a pure gold cane, along with a purple orb on top of the cane. “ Give me the Ladhiso” demanded Cananasska. Mia had the pair of dice clutched in hand. Mia shook her head. “ WHAT!” Screamed Cananasska. She was mad. “Roll the Ladhiso” yelped Tad. “It's your only option”. Mia rolled the dice. “NOOO!” cried Cananasska everything went in slow-motion the first die landed a two, then the second die slowly rolled onto. “BOOTS!” Mia started to evaporate.

“OOF” screeched a voice. Mia had landed on top of a black cat while she was travelling to Fyndinn Praedo. “Boots?” yelped Mia. Mia stood up“I am from-”  Boots cut her off “I know. Rumours go that you have Ladhiso. You know that sells for a lot of money…” smiled the racoon. Mia shook her head. “HAND ME THE LADHISO.” screeched a voice from behind the trees. Cananaska’s guards surrounded Mia. “ Hurry toss the dice to me” yelled Boots. She threw the dice to Boots. Boots missed. The pair of dice rolled the last pair that was left. Luck was on her side. She blinked. She was now sitting next to a black and white cat. The cat was wearing a bow. “Cat” yelled Mia. “Here,” he whispered. Grotto handed Mia a potion labelled luck. Mia glared at the cat. “Rolling the Ladhiso will stop the wicked Emporer” he whispered. Mia drank the potion. “HALT,” said Cananaska. Custard nudged Mia enough for her to drop the dice. Custard gripped Mia's arm.  “I'm coming with you,” he said. Cananasska’s guards pulled back their crossbows. The arrows released. 

Mia blinked. She was at home. She searched for Custard. “Meow” yelped the cat. She paused. She glared at Custard. This cat wasn’t custard. Fear fell upon her. “Custard took the dice,” she whispered.

D Stubbs 


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