• Christina Merrick

Spectacled Bear


Spectacled bears are mostly restricted to certain areas of the northern and western, South America. They are commonly found in western Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, western Bolivia, and northwestern Argentina. Spectacled bears are nocturnal and crepuscular but don’t hibernate in inclement weather otherwise they will den up. They live mostly in den’s near high canopy tropical rainforest, or occasionally in surrounding trees to avoid danger.


Spectacled bears eat a wide variety of foods, which includes rodents, birds, berries, grasses and fruit but their favourite is the Bromeliaceae plant. The Spectacled bears that live in zoos surely eat dry-foods, vegetables and fruits. The bears that live in zoos only sometimes get to eat Bromeliaceae plant which is their favourite food, because they live in zoos.


These bears face a big problem in life. This is hunting. Spectacled bears have been in danger for a long time. Hunting has decreased the population for these significant bears. Another problem is loss of habitat. This is because of roads and cities being built.


There are only a few ways to stop the danger of these bears, from being wiped out from the surface of the earth, so stop hunting them and don’t build cities in their habitats. I chose to write about them because I felt a connection, so save the bears from being extinct!

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