• Christina Merrick

The AIMS Games Tournament 2019

The AIMS Games Tournament 2019, is a week of non-stop top competing in sport.

The AIMS Games Tournament is located in Tauranga. Kids and teams that have been chosen to represent their school go to compete for a variety of sports, such as Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Individual Sport, and much more. The tournament attracted 166 schools in 2012, making it the biggest sporting event for 11-13 year olds in New Zealand. Let’s see how big it comes out as for this year!

Last year, around 80 students represented Mahurangi College at the AIMS Games 2018 Tournament. I heard that this year the Year 8 team might play against an Australian team that are coming to New Zealand just for AIMS! Last year, Mahurangi netball results were, four wins, two losses and have made it through to B Grade (in the top 30). 

As you all know, the Silver Ferns achieved a nail biting win over the Australian Diamonds a few weeks ago. It’s been a tough year for the Silver Ferns. Albert Einstein once said “Failure is success if we learn from it.” Judging by their resilience and character they showed in this tournament, it’s clear the Silver Ferns have learnt from this message. I also think Mahurangi Netball can be inspired by their performance over the course of the Netball World Cup and learn to stay strong as well as push through tough games. 

We are looking forward to competing in the tournament this September. Hopefully we have all learnt from the Silver Ferns spectacular win and can focus on this upcoming week in Tauranga. 

- Sienna, 8TRL


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