• Christina Merrick

The Undergrowth of the Sea

The sun was setting on the horizon of the island, painting the small waves crashing against the rocks a calm yellow. The tide lapping at my feet felt cooling under the evening rays of the sun.

All of a sudden everything went quiet and subdued as I dove into the shadowed water. I could hear the crest of the tides against the shore. The turbid crystal sand glowing radiantly before my eyes. As I glided past the sand drifted with me, then retreated back down to the ocean floor.

Just as I swerved around the radiant jumble of boulders, fish started to zip in and out of my way. I could hardly move without bumping into one of these vibrant creatures. You could tell this was a safe haven for sea life. The mountain of coral was breath-taking in a strange way, I felt the sharp crunchy surface of the rocks beneath me. It felt so peaceful I could fall asleep.

I drifted unknowingly into the shadowed rocky undergrowth of the sea, getting colder my spine started to shiver. I noticed holes in my once cheerful surroundings of the reef. What previously felt peaceful now felt unfamiliar and curious. Almost instantly a slick narrow eel oscillated it’s head from a hole and gave me a cold frozen stare. I felt isolated as it came closer, I couldn’t move. I was glued to that second of time.  

I rapidly noticed that it was getting unwantedly close. I twisted away at the last second, the cool water splashing across my face. Water gushing into my mouth, my eyes squinting at where I wanted to be. As I swam it began to feel warmer, safer. I could see the fish peacefully swimming once again. Hear the seagulls screeching above the sun yellow waves. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something. Oh no was that another eel hole?

G Price 


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