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2018 SENIOR Prefects

Annalise Dawson


When I started at Mahurangi College I was incredibly overwhelmed as I came from the small Kaipara Flats School. Over the last 7 years Mahurangi College has helped me to excel, resulting in Hockey awards and an Academic Blue. As the Mentor rep of 2018 I hope to make a difference in the Year 7’s lives and help them to immerse themselves in what Mahurangi College has to offer.

Charlotte Hamer


I came to Mahurangi College in Year 7 with a safety blanket, Mum being a teacher. But still I was nervous and excited about the 'big move'. Year 7-10 proved to be big years for me, I grew a lot within that time and that’s why I put myself forward for the Year 7-10 representative on the Student Executive. I’m so excited to be able to be involved in the growth of coming generations.

Christian Poland


Walking through a senior calculus class during Year 6 orientation, I wasn’t alone in thinking why there were letters in maths, let alone how I could ever be capable of that. However, during my time at Mahurangi, I have enjoyed strong academic success, cultural opportunities, house events... even calculus. I look forward to coordinating with external agencies, growing UN Youth at Mahu, and for this role to continue next year!

Cicely Driver


Over the six years I have been at Mahurangi College I have developed a passion for painting and have thrived in the welcoming school community. Level 1 and 2 were a great success as I gained an Academic Blue in both. Being the Secretary and Treasurer for the Student Executive I am excited for the opportunity to mix with the other members and help to make our last year enjoyable and change provoking.

Damian Monadjem


I moved to Mahurangi College in Year 11 two years ago and since then I have integrated myself well into the community. I joined the boys 1st 11 Hockey team and have loved the teamwork and participation that it has come with it. I also have managed my academic side well, achieving Academic Blues for both my Year 11 and Year 12. I am glad I got the position of SADD rep. as I feel students driving dangerously is a big concern but also for the experience of joining a very helpful and professional group of student leaders. I hope I will be able to impact students on the importance of safe driving as we go on in the year.

Eden Hunt


I came to Mahurangi College terrified. I went into the school unsure of what to expect and spent the first two years not knowing what I was doing. It took a lot of growing up to understand how hard coming college was and how much it affected me. It always helped having students in green vests smiling and talking to me. As the peer mediation rep I am super excited to finally help make a difference to bullying in school.

Eunice Lanyon


Talofa! I started Mahu in Year 7 with a great passion in Netball and meeting new people. Over the years I have gained interest in Volley and have made it to finals in my sports teams. Also achieving  Level 1 and 2 with Merit Endorsements. Being elected as the Pasifika rep I am ecstatic by the opportunities that I will encounter to try and improve our group as Pasifika Islanders.

Jedd Blennerhassett


I came to Mahurangi College with a love of sports and nervous excitement of what intermediate was going to throw at me. In the years since, I have immersed myself in learning; gaining an Academic Blue for Level 1 and 2 while also becoming the senior athletics champion along the way. As the elected BOT Rep I am excited by the opportunity to improve education in ways not yet imaginable.

Jerome Cunningham


Mahurangi College has taken me so high and far since the first day. Every single year has changed me, learning more and more. I achieved Academic Blues for Level 1 and 2, while doing well in both sporting and cultural activities. The environment is something I’m very passionate about, as Enviro Rep for this year I’m super keen to make a difference both to our school and the outside world.

Julianna Panui-Leth


Kia Ora! Ko Kakanui te awa. Ko Kaipara te Moana. Ko Ngati Whatua te iwi. Ko Julianna taku ingoa. As a student who has attended Mahurangi since year 7 I have learnt the values of positive attitude and confidence in myself. Being presented with the Maori representative tohu is a gratifying experience, having the privilege to support and interact with other Maori students. Striving for the best in one another.

June Xu


I remember the nervousness I experienced arriving at an unfamiliar school in an unfamiliar country. My years at Mahurangi College have allowed me to understand and experience first hand the fascinating New Zealand culture and language while I also gained an Academic Blue in both Level 1 and 2. As the Head Library Prefect, I’m excited by the opportunity to promote our library and work with the student executive team.

Logan Smith


During my time at Mahurangi College I have engaged in school life gaining Academic Blues in both NCEA Level one and two, and a proud member of the environmental committee. I am coming into this position with an open mind, ready to help out and support the development of our school. I am enthusiastically waiting to see what this year holds and I can benefit and enhance our school.

Mackenzie Buick


I started attending Mahurangi College as a nervous Year 7 and was quickly engaged in college classes. Since then, I gained an Academic Blue at Level 1 and 2 and found my favourite extracurricular activity when I joined the school Underwater Hockey team. As Chair of the Student Exec I am aiming to see all the year's events occur smoothly and I am excited to work with all the other members to achieve this.

Niamh Browne


I arrived at Mahu in Year 9 and didn't know what this college was going to give to me. I grew to love this college and made some amazing friendships throughout this journey. During this time I performed my drama piece at Cultural Blues in Level 1 and immersed myself with more cultural aspects at Mahu. As Yr13 Rep I am super excited to work alongside the other Yr 13's making sure they have an amazing last year here at Mahu.

Rebecca Boyce


With two Academic Blues and a Cultural Blue for in choir, harmony group and the production, I was excited to build on my diverse involvement in Year 13. Being charities rep has allowed me to do this by connecting with organisations that do incredible work for the community and the world. Organising fundraisers and events like the 40-hour famine has helped me feel like I’m really making a difference.

Rosa Keskic


Hi I'm Rosa, I started Mahurangi at the beginning of Year 7 after attending a small rural primary school. I have been very focused on academics gaining distinctions and excellence endorsements throughout my years. I am also very involved in horse riding, competing around New Zealand, and my local volunteer fire brigade. As Health and Safety rep I hope to improve both physical and mental health around the school.

Rose Dugdale-Martin


I've developed the film club out of my gravitation to the visual and performing arts. As a boring student now in her seventh year at Mahurangi College, the creative outlets this school provides allowed me to develop my passions into assessable and beloved projects that I can take into the real world. As I am moving forward, the film club will grow along side me and will eventually over take me as more and more students expand their enthusiasm for cinema.

Sabrina Yarndley


Throughout my years at Mahurangi College, I have had the privilege of many valuable activities and opportunities on offer here. I worked hard to gain junior dux in Year 10 and Academic Blues in year 10,11 and 12. I enjoy being a member of the senior underwater hockey and equestrian teams. As Events Representative I intend to make the school a fun and interactive environment that students can enjoy.

Summer Jane-Rashleigh


When I came to Mahu, I was an excited Year 7 ready to meet new people and start the college life. In my 6 years here, I have made some lifelong friends and developed solid skills for my future. I have the roll of publicity rep this year, and have already had an exciting start to the year with photographing athletics and swimming events and I am excited for the rest of the year!

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