"I am incredibly proud of the work our staff do every day."

David MacLeod, Principal


We have a great team of staff at Mahurangi College. Our administration staff are key to ensuring that our large organisation runs smoothly each day. Both students and parents can contact the student services office with questions.


Communication and partnerships is key to developing well-balanced young people and we invite parents to the school on numerous occasions throughout the year to find out more about their children's learning, to celebrate success, to learn more about our education systems and to have input in the direction of the school. We clearly communicate upcoming events in a variety of ways and encourage parents to communicate with us if they have any questions or concerns.  

David Macleod


I am passionate about education and the well-being of young people. I started my journey in education as a teacher of accounting and economics, then moved to middle management before becoming a principal more than 21 years ago. I love Mahurangi College and enjoy working with our hard-working and inspirational teachers and students every day.

Catherine Wynne

Deputy Principal

I came to teaching later (in MY thirties) keen to work with teenagers, keen to delve into the wonderful worlds of literature and writing. And I love it. I have moved into roles leading teachers, shaping subject direction, shaping aspects of school direction. We never stand still and it is this dynamic world of education that keeps it exciting for me.

Jon Blyth

Deputy Principal (Senior Curriculum and Timetable)

I am a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about teaching and learning in New Zealand schools.  During my career, I have developed a strong interest in the pastoral care of young people, curriculum design & innovation, as well as assessment.  I believe these aspects of education are key to the success of a school’s management structure and for students to reach their full potential.  I have always been actively involved in sports coaching and believe it is important that we develop well-rounded, global citizens. I enjoy the challenges and rewards involved with teaching and learning at secondary school level and continue to be motivated to achieve the best for Mahurangi College students and the community.

Christina Merrick

Deputy Principal (Year 7 to 10)

I am passionate about teaching and learning. After 20 years working in the primary sector in both the classroom and in management roles I wanted to take on the challenge of working in a secondary school. I focus on year 7 to 9 teaching and learning programmes, but have also been very involved in many different aspects of school leadership. I am loving my time at Mahu, there is a very real sense of community that I have not experienced in other schools and I really enjoy working with students from Year 7 to 13.

Keith Tennant

Acting Deputy Prinipal

I trained as a teacher in South Africa and also served as an infantry officer in the South African Defence Force. My family moved to New Zealand in 1999 and have never looked back. I never take the beauty of NZ for granted. I have been a teacher for 30 years and still love teaching. So what do I believe in? Education is not just about academics but the whole person. For me “relationships” are the corner stone to effective education, which helps us develop young people into successful adults. If a teacher and a student have a good relationship, that’s when learning will happen. High expectations mean that you believe in people, that everyone can achieve. I will push you because I believe in you. Basic skills must come first because they are the foundation that all further learning relies on. Teaching young minds that we are all accountable is key to a successful society, so sometimes we have to deal with ’stuff’ we don’t like. My motto for a long time has been “Adversity breeds character”. Last of all, humour. We all have to be able to laugh at ourselves, take a bit of a joke and be resilient. 

Alistair Elder

Acting International Student Director

Having taught in a number of different schools in my time as a teacher I knew that Mahurangi College was a top school. I enjoy the environment, the community, the vibrance and the challenges that teaching at Mahurangi College brings. We have wonderful staff and the students are great to work with. Everyday is different so I look forward to what each day will bring.

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The wellbeing and happiness of our students is our priority. We are very keen to work with families to help support learning and provide the best possible learning environment. If you have a concern, please feel free to contact us at any time via our school office or direct email (eg; j.smith@mahurangi.school.nz).


The most effective process for addressing academic and pastoral concerns are as follows:


If you have any concerns about a classroom or academic matter, the first person to contact is the classroom teacher


If you have a behavioural or pastoral concern our Counsellors are here to help. Contact our school office to get connected.


If your concern is unresolved, the next best contact is your child's whānau teacher. Our school office can provide you with contact details.


Contact our Head of Faculty or House Deans

Connections can be made via our school office.


If the matter is still a concern for your family, please contact our senior management team

If your concern remains unresolved after this step, your concern becomes a complaint

Formal complaints will be handled by our Principal and if necessary our Board of Trustees

Our Boards Complaints and Procedures Policy is available via our school office

Contact: David Macleod - Principal | Postal: PO Box 64, Warkworth 0941, Physical: Woodcocks Road, Warkworth 0910 | Phone: 09 425 8039 | Email: admin@mahurangi.school.nz