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Staff Discount Card

Our teachers are a special bunch; hard-working, dedicated and committed to making a difference. Yet attracting and retaining them is becoming increasingly difficult.


We hear daily reports in the media of teachers either leaving the profession or being lured overseas by higher salaries. Graduate numbers are at their lowest ever with very few students training to be teachers. 


The Mahurangi College Staff Discount Card enables business owner to promote their business to over 150 teachers and staff members, while helping to provide extra incentive for teachers to stay in our community.


Our Business Proposition

Local businesses commit to providing discounts on goods and services. For example:


  • 5% to 30+% discounts

  • Buy one get one free deals

  • Upgrades and exclusive offers

  • Nominated days for deals (e.g. 20% dining discounts on Wednesdays)

  • Other perks

In return, we offer:

  • The knowledge that you are contributing to retaining quality teachers in our district

  • Exposure to 150+ potential new customers

  • Your company logo on our school website, linked to your home page

  • Your company logo on the card presentation sleeve

  • Acknowledgement each year in our school newsletter

Choose from three levels of sponsorship:


For businesses offering 30% discounts or similar



For businesses offering 20% discounts or similar



For all other businesses




We’d love you to join us. Please fill out the Register Your Interest form below and we'll be in touch soon. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Tony Giles and Dean Iversen

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