Please note: Sale Days are currently on hold as we wait for stocks to increase.


Friends of Mahu facilitate the uniform recycling initiative UniCycle, at Mahurangi College. The purpose of UniCycle is to help reduce the cost of purchasing uniforms for families while reducing the amount of textile waste going to local landfill. UniCycle is a community led initiative that is not fundraising focused, and is run by volunteers, mainly our parents.


COLLECTION: Every Monday-Friday during school hours

SALE DAY: To be advised. 



Any time during school hours, families can drop off second-hand uniform items at student services into the clearly marked UniCycle wheelie bin, located at student reception.

Fill in the contact form (download above or collect from next to wheelie bin) and attach to your bag.

Families will earn credits for each item of uniform that is dropped in to be recycled. The amount of credit received will depend on the condition of the item and current retail cost.

Credits can be used to purchase second hand uniform items during the Unicycle Sale Day*. 


Families can also choose to simply donate second hand uniforms, which will be given to families in need.


Anyone can purchase second hand uniforms at the sale day, even if you have not dropped off uniforms.

What do I need to know before dropping uniforms items off?

Uniform items need to be washed, packed into a bag with the contact form well attached. Uniforms with no or insufficient details will be treated as a donation to the school. Uniforms that need washing or repairs will have credits deducted. Please note: Unicycle is about recycling uniforms that have been grown out of - not worn out.

What happens after I drop off my uniform items?

The uniform items will be assessed and given a value depending on age, condition and the initial cost of each item. This value is then recorded on your families UniCycle Credit Card. These credits can be used at any UniCycle Sale Day to purchase any second hand uniform items. 

What happens on UniCycle Sale Day*?

Once a term, second-hand uniform items will be displayed and available for purchase outside the auditorium from 1:30pm-3:30pm (see dates above). They can be purchased by anyone, either with previously earned credits, or with cash. Most uniform items will be valued at $5-$25 each. Note: There are no eftpos facilities available during Sale Day.

UniCycle Sale Day* Reminders

Reminders will be emailed out to parents prior to each Sale Day; reminders will also be posted to the FOM and Mahurangi College Facebook pages.

Can I buy at the UniCycle sale if I haven’t dropped off second hand uniforms?  

Yes you can. Each item will be labeled with a price - you can pay  with either cash or UniCycle credits.

I don’t have enough UniCycle credits to buy the uniform I want?

That’s okay - you can pay the balance in cash.

How long do my credits last?

For as long as your children attend Mahurangi College.

Do I lose my credits if I leave school?

Yes, but you are welcome to gift them to another family.

Can I exchange my credits for cash?  

No, sorry.

Can I use UniCycle credits to buy new uniform through the online store?   

No sorry, this is a totally separate system.

I have some uniform that I just want to donate to the school. Can I drop it in the UniCycle bin?   

Yes, thank you. The school may pass this on to someone who really needs it, or it may be sold at a UniCycle sale day.

Can I drop off my second hand uniforms at the actual UniCycle sale?

Yes you can, but we will not be able to process your credit right then and there. You will have to wait to use it at the next sale day. We recommend dropping it off in the days leading up to the sale day.

Where does any money raised by Unicycle go?

While UniCycle is not a fundraising focused initiative, all proceeds from our UniCycle programme are forwarded to the College's Make it Happen Fund. This fund is set up to help our families who are struggling to cover the costs of school and/or sports uniforms, school camps and sporting or other school fees. In addition to saving money and landfill, by purchasing second hand uniform through UniCycle, or by donating uniform, you are helping to ensure that all our students have as full a school life as possible.

Are there any uniform items you won’t accept?
  • Any items of 'old style' uniform 

  • Shoes

  • Sports team hoodies and jackets

  • Anything that is not official school uniform (eg. substitute brands)

What happens if the uniform I donate does not pass your quality assessment?  

Unicycle is about recycling grown out of uniforms, and NOT worn out uniforms. Any uniform that is too badly ripped, stained or worn out will not be exchanged for credit. If your uniform is saleable but needs washing or a simple repair, $5 will be deducted from your credit to cover repairs (buttons sewn on, ripped seams repaired, washing, etc.).

Can I buy second hand uniform at any other time?

No sorry. The UniCycle is run by volunteers, and the uniforms are stored off-site inaccessible by staff. There will only be four Unicycle Sale Days* per year. Parents will be given regular reminders of these dates well in advance.

I'd like to volunteer to help during Sale Day* - who do I contact?

We'd love your help! Please email us below.