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We take pride in wearing our uniform at Mahurangi College. We aim to look smart, professional and tidy at all times.

Where can I purchase the Mahurangi College Uniform?

NEW uniform can only be purchased online. 

What are the guidelines and rules for wearing uniform at Mahurangi College?

Our school uniform is to be clean, tidy, worn correctly and must be named.

See all rules and guidelines below.

Who can wear the formal uniform?

Students who are representing the school on a special event can borrow a blazer.

Prefects and top teams have the option of buying a blazer. Contact Toni Beer for further information.

There are certain rules around wearing a blazer.

  • Boys must wear long pants and the school tie.

  • Shoes need to be leather lace up and clean,

  • Hair must be tied back.

  • A blue or white school shirt must be worn under the blazer.

  • Blazer borrowing rules must be adhered to.

Is there anyway to buy second-hand uniforms?

You can try local buy and sell pages and groups online (Eg. Mahurangi College 2nd Hand Uniforms Group on Facebook. Note: this is a community run group independent of our College). Friends of Mahu run the secondhand uniform initiative UniCycle, however sale days have been paused at the moment.



  • Girls wear a school shirt and a school skirt or a pair of unisex shorts. School trousers can be worn in term 2 and 3. 

  • Boys wear a school shirt and a pair of unisex school shorts. School trousers can be worn in term 2 and 3. 

  • Year 13 wear a white school shirt with the same school shorts, school skirt or school trousers.



Students in Year 7-10 are expected to wear the school PE uniform.

We highly recommend purchasing a mouth guard, available at the sports office for $5, for any contact sports in PE lessons. We also recommend wearing trainers for some lessons due to the nature of the activity. 


Students must wear a plain black shoe or sandal below the ankle.

  • The shoes must be completely black (shoe, sole and laces) and have no coloured logos.

  • The shoes must be clean, tidy and worn correctly.

  • No high heels, must be a walking shoe.

  • No boots, high tops, plastic or rubber shoes.

  • Sandals must have a backstrap.

  • Socks and stockings must be black with no logos.

  • Plain black ankle socks, not long socks, to be worn with shoes (but not with sandals). 

  • Students are required to wear closed toe shoes in Technology Subjects and Science. 


Hair must be clean, neat, tidy and off the face at all times.

  • Natural hair colours only. This includes no two-tone dying. 

  • No extreme styles.

  • Students must be clean shaven.

  • Hair ties and accessories must be school colours only - red, black, dark blue and white.

  • For Health and Safety reasons in certain classes, such as technologies and science, you must wear hair longer than shoulder length tied back.

  • If attending a formal occasion and wearing a blazer, hair must be tied back


Only the pieces stated below may be worn:

  • Up to two plain small studs or standard sleepers may be worn in each ear (only 2 per ear). Nose piercings must be covered or have a small clear stud. No other piercings.

  • One wristwatch may be worn.

  • A culturally significant necklace may be worn but it must not be visible.


For health and safety reasons, at times students will be asked to remove jewellery in which case the student is responsible for its care.


A school jacket or jumper is part of the uniform and both are designed to keep you warm.

  • A plain black or white short sleeve tee-shirt may be worn all year under the school shirt, but must be tucked in and not hanging out below. In terms 2 and 3 a plain black or white long sleeved tee-shirt/thermal may be worn under the school shirt for warmth. (Year 13s undershirts must be white).

  • A plain black scarf may be worn in the winter terms. (Year 13 may wear white scarves)

  • A school beanie may be worn in terms 2 and 3. Outside only. They are available for sale at student services for $15.

  • To and from school on cold and wet days students may wear a plain black or navy raincoat (these items are not to be worn during the school day).


A plain navy or black cap can be worn outside.

At full day school events students can wear any sun hat.

  • No make-up is to be worn. No false nails or coloured nail polish.

  • No Mahurangi College team/group hoodies are to be worn during the school day.

  • No non-regulation jewellery is to be worn.

Teachers will confiscate non-regulation items.


House t-shirts can be purchased through student services for $15 each. Payment can be made online to the school bank account using your child's name, house colour and reference to 'House T-shirt.'

Uniform Guidelines
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