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Weekly Competitions

Our weekly sport competitions are for students who have a passion in a particular sporting code and wish to commit to both training and games on a weekly basis for a winter or summer season. These sports are usually held over two terms. Sport codes such as Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Underwater Hockey and Waterpolo are available for Year 7 and 8 students to participate on a weekly basis throughout the year.


Other codes such as Rugby, Football, Touch and Cricket are offered through our local clubs for Year 7 and 8 as there are no school competitions for these codes. Trials are held for teams to establish skill levels and the teams are then selected and graded in the competition accordingly. 

If your child is interested in a weekly competitive sport please check the website for trial dates and complete the registration form.


Parent involvement in transporting, coaching and managing the teams is necessary and very warmly welcomed.

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