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ISSUE 7 2019

Our latest newsletter is now

available to read online.

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Online Safety

Access parent friendly posters explaining all the platforms kids are into and the pros and cons of each

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Meet our newly elected and re-elected Board of Trustees members

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We're very proud to share with you our 2018 Writing Anthology. A sample of the incredible writing talent amongst our students. Enjoy!

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Borneo 2020

In 2020 students will have the opportunity to travel to Borneo to participate in an Antipodeans 

community services tour 



What is the most effective process to follow when addressing pastoral or academic concerns? 

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VAULT Magazine is back with new editors, Perry Pitcher and 

Willow Whitham. Read Issue 2 now.

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Check out our new Senior Leadership Team Blog - a space where we will share insight into what Mahurangi College is exploring when it comes to teaching and learning programmes.

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2018 Yearbook

Our 2018 Yearbook is now

available to read online.

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For all sport hoodies, tees and socks you can now buy direct from our supplier paladin sports.

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China Trip 2019

In 2019 students will have the opportunity to travel to China - visiting the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, Qin Terracotta Warriors and Shanghai.


Careers Centre

Great advice for planning pathways for further education and/or employment. Local job vacancies for students; part or full time work.

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Check out our new junior writing blog. A platform for our Year 7 & 8's to share their writing and editing skills.

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Job Vacancies

Local part time and full time job vacancies for students and school leavers - updated regularly.

Outdoor Family Day

Community Notices for Families

A Facebook group to share community notices relating to local events and services for students and families.

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This week's PRIDE value focus; share your stories of our people walking the talk - pride values in action.


2019 Assessment Calendar

For ease of viewing, we have separated our 2019 assessment calendar from our main school events calendar

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