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In these critical years, we structure our Year 7-10 learning around...

  • Diversity

  • Self-exploration and self-definition

  • Meaningful participation in their schools and community

  • Positive social interaction with their peers and adults

  • Physical activity

  • Competence and achievement

  • Structure and clear limits

  • Our PRIDE values


Students are encouraged to be determined and persistent in all that they do. We also ask students to be active in reflecting about what they need to work on next and to take ownership for their own learning and future pathways. 


Teaching and learning in Year 7 and 8 classrooms is mostly delivered through inquiry-based learning programmes. Students are provided opportunities to inquire into a range of concepts and themes over a two-year programme. 


The secondary system begins in Year 9. Students start to move between departments for specific subject learning. Students continue to be given a taster experience in technology and arts-based subjects throughout Year 9.


Teaching and learning work towards Year 10 students gaining a diploma by the end of the year. This programme is particularly useful as it has similarities to the National Certificate in Education Achievement (NCEA) learning and assessment systems that the students will engage with in Year 11. Students feel more prepared for the challenges of NCEA.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is an educational approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student exploration, discussion, and creation. STEAM’s foundations lie in inquiry, critical thinking, creativity through design and project-based learning. 

Investigation, curiosity, problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity are foundational to this process. STEAM-based projects are hands-on, authentic, real life learning experiences that cater to developing divergent thinking. Students will be working through creative design processes, gaining and utilising knowledge and skills across both STEAM and traditional arts and technology disciplines.

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