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To the Mahurangi Community


After an extensive search culminating in 43 expressions of Interest and 17 outstanding applications, I am delighted and very excited to announce that the board has unanimously appointed Tony Giles, the current Associate Principal of Rangitoto College, to the role of Principal of Mahurangi College.


While Tony is not due to start until the new year, in the coming weeks we will arrange for Tony to spend time meeting our community and start a planned induction into the role. In the meantime, I will try to summarise the highlights from his 20-page application, three interviews and numerous references:


  • Raised in Timaru, Tony gained his Batchelors from Canterbury University and his Diploma in Teaching from Christchurch College of Education

  • He has held Deputy Principal/Rector roles at St Patricks College Silverstream (with two periods as Acting Rector) and Sancta Maria College before being appointed as Associate Principal at Rangitoto College in 2016

  • He is also currently the MidBays Kāhui Ako Lead Principal

  • Throughout his career Tony has displayed a wonderful record of mentoring and developing staff to deliver exceptional results in all aspects of school life.

  • In his time at Rangitoto he has been an integral part of a team that has NZ’s biggest school achieving record achievement levels. Also, between 2016-19, Tony led the NZQA Scholarship Programme at Rangitoto College, taking the school to 194 scholarships in 2019 (1st in NZ).

  • This year Tony initiated and led the revamp of Rangitoto’s Pastoral system, focussing on Impeccable Behaviour for Learning (IB4L), supported by the development of their ‘warm & demanding’ culture. He also recently wrote their 2019-22 Pastoral Plan

  • In his time as DP at Sancta Maria College, Tony led a focus on ‘boy’s achievement’ that resulted in a significant increase in achievement across levels 1-3. He also led the sports department.

  • Tony has a long history of successfully playing and coaching Rugby, Athletics, Tennis and Golf. He is also passionate about the Performing Arts.

  • He is married to Robyn O’Reilly, who has a successful career in IT leadership and has two sons in their final years of schooling at Rosmini College. He currently lives on the North Shore and we’re already working on getting the family to move up once their youngest son finishes his schooling in two years.

  •  Most importantly what clearly came across to the board was that Tony is a good man whose values and educational philosophies closely align with those of Mahurangi College. His references claim he is an excellent communicator with an outstanding rapport with students, staff and parents. In our time with him, we have seen someone who cares deeply about young people, loves developing leaders and has a track record of delivering world-class education.


Thank you to everybody who has contributed time and thought. It has been an extensive process and our board Is unanimously confident we have an exceptional person to lead our school. Tony has been hugely impressed by what he has seen of the College and the large number of innovative programmes that are underway. It's clear that a really good culture has been established and that everyone is very proud of the college.


In any change of leadership there will be uncertainty and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact myself or any of the board. Finally, in the weeks ahead, can I please ask that you all welcome Tony and give him your full support. 



Dean Iversen

Chairman Mahurangi College

Below is an excerpt from a recent television interview featuring Tony discussing building resilience in children.

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