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Our Board of Trustees

"At Mahurangi College we listen, encourage and support our students in their pursuit of excellence. To experience the expression of joy in a student when he or she succeeds is the greatest reward for the hard work all our staff put into making Mahurangi College the best place to create life stories of a young person's formative years. These are the success stoires that will live with us forever; they are our Mahu stories." - Dean Iverson

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Fleur Auber


After growing up in Auckland and then travelling overseas, Fleur settled in Warkworth with her husband Dan 14 years ago. They currently have 3 children at Mahurangi College. Fleur has 23 years experience as an accountant in public sector and non-profit organisations in the UK and NZ, as well as previous Board experience within national and local charities. She is passionate about providing a safe and secure school environment for every student, as well as ensuring the school is "fit for the future."

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Nicole Callender

Board Member

Nicole comes from a farming background and has lived in the Warkworth/Wellsford area for most of her life. She currently has two daughters attending Mahurangi College and a son currently in Year 5 at Warkworth School. She has been a past BOT member at the school and has been employed at Warkworth School in some sort of teaching capacity for 21 years. Nicole brings to the Board a deep knowledge of the history of the education in our community and strong community relationships. 


Tony Giles


Tony has had 30 years in education, including co-ed, single-sex, state and integrated schools. He is "now privileged to lead this aspirational, achievement-focussed school. We strive to provide a rich and challenging curriculum for each and every student, coupled with extensive pastoral support to ensure that all students thrive and exceed their expectations. "Every day at Mahu is exciting, and I look forward to building amazing futures for our students."


Nyree Norrington

Staff Representative

Nyree is our Staff Representative and this is her fifth term on the Board. Nyree has been teaching at Mahurangi College for over ten years and is our Head of Faculty for Arts. This has provided her with valuable insight into the life of our students and staff, which she has been able to share with our Board. Nyree’s aim is to continue the tradition of making Mahurangi College a place where students feel encouraged and inspired to pursue their passions and develop their skills.

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Joy Saleupolu

Student Representative

We warmly welcome Joy Saleupolu, our new student representative to the Board. Joy has attended Mahurangi since Year 7. She joined the Board to educate herself on the greater operations of the school and aspire for change. She would like to "further express the diversity and unity we have at Mahu, and help develop the inclusive culture". Her objective is to improve student well-being, by supporting and expanding resources that promote positive mental and physical health. Joy is "passionate to serve others". 

Our Vision

To Challenge

We ask our students to dream big, to take risks, to be curious, determined and resilient.


Our expectations are that we develop students who can achieve great results and to work alongside parents and whānau to help shape well-balanced, young adults with a strong sense of who they are and where they come from.


We challenge all our students to look up, imagine and reach for their stars.

To Excel

Excelling is a habit. We encourage excellence in all areas of school life and take pride in celebrating our many successes – on the sports field, in the arts and in the unique and exciting ways our students think and express themselves in the 21st century.


Most importantly we are proud of our recent strong academic successes. We have seen six years of consecutive improvements in our NCEA results; we are well above the national averages and are on track to becoming the top academic decile 7 school in the country.

To Belong

The Mahurangi area is one of the most remarkable in New Zealand. It’s a community with a rural heart on the doorstep of a great city, tied together by the wonderful area we live in and the incredible diversity and life balance we have.


We’re a community that aims to pass all this onto our children so that they can grow into the finest, well-balanced men and women they can be. It is unique, it is amazing and it is ‘Our Place’.


Our Place, Our Values

At Our Place, Mahurangi College, we encourage, model and learn about a set of values that we believe are important for young people. 


Pursuing Excellence

Whāia te iti kahurangi





Innovative & Curious



Determined & Resilient



Empathy & Kindness


Pursuing Excellence

Whāia te iti kahurangi

Identifying our unique abilities and strengths and building on these to encourage each person to give and achieve their best; resources tailored to fit individuals; each person plays an important role in achieving excellence and in supporting others. Pursuit becomes a life-long journey. 

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Respect ourselves first, then follows respecting others and place. Believe in your unique value and importance; respect the opinions, values and morals of others; show understanding of each others challenges, backgrounds and experiences; take owernship of our place and our resources.

Innovative & Curious


Curiosity and innovation need to be role modelled. Teachers need to find new ways to demonstrate, teach and explain every day. They need to be open to student ideas; be willing and able to support those ideas; teach beyond the criteria; create opportunities; make resources available. But most of all they need passion and enthusiasm.


Determined & Resilient


To be challenged, to have the courage to take risks, to be brave, determined and resilient; to have meaning our learning needs to be linked to the real world and be experienced in a variety of environments with a variety of people. 

Empathy & Kindness


Each one of us has unique learning needs; however our individual physical, mental, emotional and social well-being must be valued and nurtured before life-long learning can take place. It begins with caring, noticing, listening and understanding. 

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